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Breath Easy Vital Lung Capacity Trainer | Rehabilitation Pulmonary Device

Breath Easy Vital Lung Capacity Trainer | Rehabilitation Pulmonary Device

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Breathing correctly is the key to good health and athletic performance. It’s hard to measure it correctly though without real medical equipment.

What Is The Function Of The Lungs

The Breath Easy Vital Lung Capacity Trainer is a simple device aimed for increasing lung capacity, monitoring your breathing data and for pulmonary related rehabilitation. It requires no refills, no batteries and is drug and chemical free. It’s small and compact so you can keep it with your wherever you are and the detachable mouthpiece means it’s easy to keep the Lung Capacity Trainer clean and sterile.

How Do Lungs Function


Small And Compact: Throw the Lung Capacity Trainer in your gym bag and monitor your breathing at the gym, on the field or on the court. Take it with you wherever you need.

Fast Results: See your breath readings in real time. No processing, no delays – just fast results.

Detachable Mouthpiece: It’s easy to keep the device clean. Simply remove the mouthpiece for fast sterilization and cleaning.

What Is Pulmonary Diffusion Capacity


Check Breathing: Check your breathing stats fast and accurately when you need. This can be very important for athletic performance or when monitoring progress during rehabilitation.

Monitor Results: Readings provided are fast and allow you to keep track of progress over time. Compare data to see improvements in your breathing.

Save Money: The device requires nothing to refill or batteries. Save money and get real time health data only.

Breathe better and for longer! Start your lung training today. Add to cart now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Walt Galloway

A friend of mine recommended this breathing device for post covid recovery and I was super skeptical. I’d had Covid a few months back and was still feeling short of breathe and had a hard time believing something so small and simple could do anything to help me. Fast forward a month and I’m not sure if it was the device or not but I definitely feel a lot better. I think the main take away for me is to stay at it. My lungs were hurting when I was taking the deep breathes at first but after a few days I was feeling better. I’ve been doing 20 minutes a day on the 4th resistance and honestly think I’m good to stop using this. Will it work for you? I don’t know but it was worth for me.

Jami McCoy

I am a RN and have used and instructed patients on multiple lung exerciser devices and by far this is the most user friendly and effective. We have been using it to rehab lungs after Covid illness and it is working wonderfully. Thanks for such a quality made product to the individuals who created it.

Alexandra Wolansky

Really a great product, so happy to have something like this. It really works for lungs and if you have any issues breathing at all. Easy instructions and well worth it! I highly recommend to other people with issues.


I really enjoy using this product because it does a great job at helping to train my respiratory system in breathing in and out. It really makes my diaphragm stronger. It does a good job at training my diaphragm muscles.

Layla Brown

I bought this based off of other positive reviews and was not disappointed! This product is easy to use and effective! With COVID-19, i have had a current focus on the health and function of mine and my family’s respiratory system. Using this makes me feel more safe and prepared!

Kenda S

I'm surprised I havent seen anything about Covid on this product but I got this for my friend when her lungs were feeling weak-- this really helped her get the strength she needed to bounce back during her recovery. Great design and I like this is device