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Brazilian Butt Lift Machine | Abs, Hip & Thigh Trainer

Brazilian Butt Lift Machine | Abs, Hip & Thigh Trainer

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Are you looking for a toned and terrific butt but don’t want the pain, sweat and financial commitment that comes with gyms, or the potential health risks of dangerous medical procedures?

Then the solution to your perfect butt problems is here with the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine! It’ll get you on the path to the perfect butt in no time, as well as tone the muscles in and around your abs, hips and thighs. That’s essentially your whole core getting a workout! Stop sweating in crowded gyms, starving yourself on diets that leave you feeling terrible and investing your savings in expensive and risky cosmetic procedures. Use the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine instead from the comfort of your own home, in your spare time! Just strap it on and let it do its thing!

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Touch Panel Controls: The levels of intensity and time duration for the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine are controlled on the easy to use and conveniently placed Touch Panel. There’s no need to take it off during the workout!

6 Modes: There are 6 Modes to choose from in 3 separate categories, each with high or low intensity settings. Choose from Fat Burning, Muscle Growth and Body Shaping according to where you place the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine on your body. Dial it up for a real workout or set it lower for a more sustained one.

USB Charging: The Brazilian Butt Lift Machine makes a great workout device even when you are not at home. Take it on the road with you as it is charged with a USB Cord, just like any mobile device.

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A Great Butt: Now you can have the butt you’ve dreamed of all year round! Clothes will fit better and sit more comfortably on your body. Your confidence will skyrocket, and you’ll be beach ready whenever you like!

Save Money: Now gym memberships, expensive procedures, and diet subscriptions will be a thing of the past. You can save money by getting rid of all these, as the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine will do it all instead.

Quick & Easy: Wear the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine for only 20 minutes a day to see real results. It’s quick and easy to put on, and the workout is over before you know it! Get back more hours in your week!

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Get a great butt without gyms, procedures and dieting – use the Brazilian Butt Lift Machine instead!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It's addicting

I got this because I work from home at a desk job, when I used to have a really active job. My waistline is filling out...I wear it all morning at work, it really helps not only with it stimulating my my thighs and bum, but I feel like it makes me focus on my posture and makes intermittent fasting easier! My teenage, super athletic son (he plays lacrosse and is a competitive boxer) takes it at night. Buy some extra gel packs. You get enough to get started, but if you get as addicted as myself and my son, you will run out quick!

Donna Ryan
Great Abs Stimulator/TENS

The electric pulses get really deep into your core muscles. I like the variation with the different pulse patterns and different intensities. Cut right through post-pregnancy belly skin and lapro scar tissue. I primarily bought for abs simulator, but use arm band for carpal tunnel. Great value and performance for TENS, and great abs simulator. Wearing while working at computer and/or commuting daily. Might try unit on lower back as well.

Kirk Brandon
Headstart to a beach body!

I was skeptical about how well these would work at first, but wow! I was thoroughly impressed. I've been using them for almost a month and they still impress me. Since I've started, I've had more confidence and I have been receiving tons of compliments on my abs and butt. Gonna work on my biceps next! I wish I had done this a long time ago. Seriously, click buy now! You won't regret it.

Debra Bender
Good for the price.

We bought the muscle toner because we were looking for additional workout tools as an butt lifter, as that is the hardest area to target. After using this product it has enhanced our muscle definition more than expected. There are many products like this on the market and I'm satisfied that I found this for the price.

David James
Surprised me, it seems to help me

I have been going to physical therapy for a couple of months. My PT wanted me to work my core specifically tighten my abdomen. I bought this muscle toner thinking probably junk. Wrong. My PT says my abdominal muscles have tightened a great deal since I started. I have told her I've been cheating with this unit but if it works it works. The sensation is not fun but I am a glutton for punishment because I like acupuncture too.

A. Smith
Setting are intense!

I really love this! I'd dabbled in electrical stimulation so this seemed like a logical extension. This thing is intense. I like the Mode settings. I have been doing these right before I go to bed and when I get up in the morning. 15 minute setting. You'll feel and see the difference. For the price, GET IT!