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Deluxe Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt

Deluxe Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt

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Deluxe Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt pull your round shoulders back to align your spine the way it should be. Don't let sitting all day damage your back permanently!

Buy Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt Online

Deluxe Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt for women and men makes your hunched, slouched shoulders a thing of the past. Walk tall & strong instantly. Build confidence & look more attractive. Lightweight, you even could wear it under clothes. Washable and can be worn at home, work, or at the gym.

Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt Results

A posture brace may sound uncomfortable, but thanks to soft lightweight but strong shoulder straps that prevent pinching of the skin, you might just forget you even have it on. It features breathable, latex-free material that helps keep your back cool.

Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt Features


  • This Posture Support is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten the Spine 
  • Retractable elastic strap 
  • This support belt is adjustable and can accommodate many different types of figures.
  • Simple and effective at an affordable price.
  • Great for people who sit all day
  • Back support helps correct poor posture
  • Prevention of adolescent humpback & forward head
  • Non restricting uni-sex design for men and women
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Our posture corrector brace is light enough but also provide huge pulling back strength for shoulders.
  • Fully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear

Is Full Back Posture Corrector Support Belt Effective

This posture corrector will have you standing upright while helping reduce pains associated with the following conditions;

  •   Thoracic Kyphosis
  •   Broken Collar Bone
  •   Lordosis
  •   Shoulder Instability
  •   Collarbone pain
  •   Back Spasms
  •   Hunchback
  •   Strains
  •   Rounded and slumped shoulders
  •   Misaligned spine
  •   Uneven shoulders
  •   Sports injuries
  •   Slouching
  •   Clavicle Injury

How to use:

  1. Loosen and unvelcro all the adjustable straps. 
  2. Stand up straight and get in your best posture(standing against a wall helps). 
  3. With your best posture put the brace on and Velcro/tighten any straps so that the brace has a small amount of tension/tightness against your body.

Size details:

  • [Our Size S] Suitable Waist: 16" - 24" (Approx.)
  • [Our Size M] Suitable Waist: 24" - 34" (Approx.)
  • [Our Size L] Suitable Waist: 34" - 42"(Approx.)
  • [Our Size XL] Suitable Waist: 40" - 52"(Approx.)

How To Use Full Back Posture Corrector Support BeltFull Back Posture Corrector Support Belt Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Awesome product

Awesome product

Good product

Helps in my posture


Works great

Dave Munkhbat
Five Stars

Really helpful

I'm pretty short though (5')

It helps a lot. I can tell an immediate difference in posture. The only draw back is it covers so much of my torso that it's bulky for me. I'm pretty short though (5')

Good back support.

The metal brace serves its purpose, but the side strap needs to be more snug. Well purpose is for my back so it does its job for back support. Alleviatespain on my back which is good.