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Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece | Corrective Breathing Silicone Mouth Guard

Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece | Corrective Breathing Silicone Mouth Guard

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Have you tried literally every method out there to stop your snoring, but still have had no success?

What Is Anti Snoring Device

Then the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is the answer to your sleep prayers! This revolutionary, yet simple device works like a mouthguard that is worn during sleep. It promotes air flow in and out of the mouth, thereby preventing snoring sounds. The snorer will sleep infinitely better, and so will their partner on the first night of wearing this device! It’s made from a high-grade, non-toxic silicon that is comfortable and safe for the mouth and teeth. Reclaim your night’s rest now with the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece!

What Is The Best Sleep Aid


Lightweight Device: Simply insert the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece into the mouth like you would any other mouthguard. It’s lightweight and won’t damage your mouth or teeth while you rest.

Food Grade Silicone Construction: The Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is made with a high-quality, non-toxic silicone so it won’t crack or leak anything into the mouth, even when biting down on it. It’s tough and designed to last for many nights of sleep!

Storage Container: A storage box comes with the purchase of the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. The container keeps the mouthguard hygienic and protected.

What Is A Good Sleep Aid


Stop Snoring: The Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is designed specifically to prevent you from constantly snoring during sleep. This is better for your overall sleep quality, and your partner’s!

Wake Up Refreshed: Without a night of constant snoring, you’ll wake up feeling much better. Your throat won’t be as dry and you’ll prevent other health risks from occurring.

Ergonomically Designed: Your teeth and mouth won’t be hurt while wearing the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece during sleep. It is ergonomically designed so that it won’t cause any discomfort.

Anti Snore Device Sleep Aid Reviews


  • Material: Food grade silicone + ABS
  • Color: White
  • Net weight: 12.9 g
  • Product size: 6.6 x 4.5 x 1.6 cm
  • Packing size: 8 x 6.9 x 2.6 cm
Anti Snore Sleep Apnea Cure Device

If you want quality sleep for you and your partner, then the Anti Snoring Mouthpiece is your answer! Buy now and add to cart!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan A Lang
I sleep like a ninja now!

I was reluctant to try this at first, only due to the fact that the thought of sleeping with something in my mouth made me uneasy, but I'm glad I tried this. My family says it's so nice to not hear me snore anymore. For me personally, I find myself dreaming a lot more which I'm assuming is because I'm getting a deeper sleep, but who knows, maybe it has something to do with this thing in my mouth. What I DO know is that I'm glad I took the plunge and tried this thing out! I sleep like a ninja now!

Mark Royko
Best I've Ever Tried!

I have tried a number of anti-snoring mouthpieces and several other anti-snoring devices, from cheap to expensive. This one is by far the best.This type of anti-snore device addresses the root problem for most snorers: during sleep your jaw relaxes inward and the long back of your tongue muscle starts to "flop" around in your throat as you breathe. These mouthpieces keep your lower jaw forward and prevent that "tongue-flopping". The result is that your snoring is minimized, maybe even eliminated, and you breathe easier all night long. It may take you some nights to get used to wearing a mouthpiece. A little soreness in your teeth the next morning is normal, initially. Wear it for half the night, and/or alternate days, at first. Try to leave off adjusting the device, as the default positioning (where your front teeth are even with each other) is what you really need to keep your tongue from slipping back into your throat. Your breathing will start to improve and you'll soon be feeling better as the week goes by.

Worked the first night!!!!!

Just got this last night, I normally get 30 minutes of sleep in a 6 hour period because i stop breathing about 95 times an hour because of sleep apnea. Im waiting on a machine right now and thought I would try this im so glad i did. I got 5.5 hours of good sleep in which I have not had more than 2 hours in almost a year now. Im so energized I could stay up for a week it feels. 100% satisfied.

Cindy Higginbottom

Tried it for the first time last night. Slept in a couple hours! Hubby said he checked on me a couple times because I wasn’t making any noise. Left side lower back jaw a little sore. All in all, I recommend!! Night 2: left rear jaw area much more sore this morning. No snoring. Will hope pain decreases with use.Night 3: a little less pain. One thing I forgot to mention is I’m sleeping longer!

Great product that actually works.

My dad has always snored so loud to the point that I could hear it from the other room. Not to mention he was always tired because he wasn’t getting good sleep. I heard about this product and orderer it, and now the whole house can finally sleep peacefully at night! He sleeps much better through the night and so does my family. He also says it’s comfortable to sleep with and now he is able to be more productive at work.

S. Yordy
At last...something that works for my snoring!

I've tried a bunch of things devices and suggestions, but nothing seemed to really work until now. I don't have sleep apnea (I've had a sleep study), but my snoring has gotten steadily worse in the past few years. Getting a bit desparate to find a solution and did a lot of research to find something, anything that might help even a little.This was easy and did the trick on the very first try! No snoring at all. I've been wearing it about a month now and only had a few nights where I still managed to snore a bit. And those times were much less severe and not as long. Both me and my wife have had the best sleep we've had in ages...and shows in our FitBit reports too.I can see how it might not be for everyone though. It's not exactly a 'natural' fit, especially at first. It takes some getting used to. For me, it's not uncomfortable but does feel weird. I'm used to it now and it's no big deal. But I would imagine for some it might be too much to adapt to. Stick with it, is my advice though!Caveat: Happened to have a dentist appointment a few weeks after I started using this and had pain in my jaw. Long story short: he told me that if you use something like this, you also need something to wear in the morning for a bit to 'reset your jaw'. Since I've done that, the jaw pain is gone and I'm still not snoring. Yes!