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Anti-Collision Honeycomb Knee Pads | Basketball & Sports Training

Anti-Collision Honeycomb Knee Pads | Basketball & Sports Training

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Do you get constant sports injuries to your knees? Protect your knee joints from collision! Enhance stability and increase support without sacrificing mobility and comfort.

The Anti-Collision Honeycomb Knee Pads | Basketball & Sports Training combine many features that can help protect from injury and improve sports performance. Its high-tech Hex-shaped honeycomb pad material provides anti-collision protection. The high-elastic stretch Lycra sleeve is breathable and moisture-wicking to allow perspiration to dry quicker, yet it supports your knee joint’s muscles and tissues for mobility and flexibility. Its stretch fabric and silicone bars also keep the sleeve firmly in place during many types of sports, such as football, basketball, and soccer. The padded sleeve is machine washable and dryable for quick, easy care.

How To Wash Knee Sleeves


Shock-absorbing Hex Technology: Hex-shaped honeycomb pad material provides anti-collision, shock-absorbing protection for your knee by absorbing and dissipating impact forces

Moisture-wicking Lycra Fabric: High-elastic stretch Lycra sleeve is breathable and moisture-wicking to allow perspiration to dry quicker. The stretch fabric also firmly holds and supports your muscles and tissues in place to increase blood flow and retains enough body heat to keep your knees warmed up for mobility.

Ergonomic Design With Non-slip Silicone: The sleeve’s design has an ergonomic shape that provides comfort, full flexibility, and movement. Inside the sleeve are non-slip bar strips that grip the skin above and below the knee to keep the sleeve in place during continuous high-speed sports activities.

Personalized Sizing: Available in a total of 10 sizes, from S to XXL in both Short and Long styles, so you can find the exact fit that is best for you. All sizes feature extended lengths that provide you with the best coverage and protection.

Machine Washable And Dryable: The high-tech fabrics and materials can easily and quickly be machine washed and dried to keep your knee pad feeling and smelling fresh for your next game.

Knee Support For Running


High-tech Protection: The Hex Technology padded layer design and stretch Lycra sleeve materials protect your knees from not only shock and impact, but also from cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. This helps avoid injuries to the knee patella and ligaments, as well as the shins, hamstrings, thighs, and calves.

Flexible Support: The sleeve is designed to keep your lower thigh, knee, and upper calf supported with gentle pressure. This helps maintain the stability of the knee joint and leg while increasing blood flow that helps keep the knee flexible and mobile during activity.

Breathable, Stable Comfort: The Lycra material’s stretch properties along with the internal silicone non-slip bars keep the sleeve in place during sports movement. Yet the sleeve is also breathable and moisture-wicking to reduce sweat build-up and keep you cool during high-performance athletic events or tough practice sessions.

Suitable For All Sports: While the padded sleeve is mainly used in contact sports such as basketball and football, it can be worn for virtually any sport where collisions can occur, such as volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, or even for daily wear.

How To Wear Knee Pads


Short Design:

S: 80kg or less, 6-12 years old
M: Thigh circumference 16cm, calf circumference 14cm, knee protection length 27.5cm (90-115kg)
L: Thigh circumference 18cm, calf circumference 16cm, knee protection length 29.5cm (115-140kg)
XL: Thigh circumference 20cm, calf circumference 18cm, knee protection length 30.5cm (140-170kg)
XXL: Thigh circumference 22cm, calf circumference 20cm, knee protection length 31.5cm (170-210kg)

Long Design:
S: 80kg or less, 6-12 years old
M: Thigh circumference 30cm, calf circumference 25cm, knee protection length 48cm (90-115kg)
L: Thigh circumference 35cm, calf circumference 28cm, knee protection length 49cm (115-140 kg)
XL: Thigh circumference 39cm, calf circumference 30cm, knee protection length 50cm (140-170 kg)
XXL: Thigh circumference 45cm, Leg circumference 33cm, knee protection length 51cm (170-210kg)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Worth the money

My son has been through two pairs of compression leggings for basketball. These knee pads are very durable & work alot better than the other brands.

Samuel Ozuna
Pretty good

Works great. I purchased this for my 11 year old who plays basketball. I was worried about the fit but it fits well.

James Mcclain
Holding up well

These are great, kids love them they hold up well no rips or tears yet

Amanda Farr

If your kid is athletic they will love these

Flexible protection, great price.

My daughter loves these for basketball and they save her from floor burns and bruises.

Timeka Sanders
Its a hit,excellent product

My knee feels like ten years younger. The support is excellent. Nice and tight the padded cushion soft and comfortable but durable if needed.