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Adjustable Sit Up Incline Bench Press Foldable Home Gym Machine

Adjustable Sit Up Incline Bench Press Foldable Home Gym Machine

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The pandemic is winding down, albeit slowly, and the public is starting to go back to gyms again. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, however, and the hassle of driving to and from the gym can often be prohibitive.

How To Build A Pull Up Bar

If you want to exercise but don’t have the time or money for a gym membership, there’s a better way. The new adjustable sit up bench press can help you carve out your abs and keep your body in great condition from the comfort of your own home. The bench press apparatus is professional great and is designed to work your entire body in a stable and intense way. There are multiple levels and settings of resistance designed into the machine that can help you slowly gain confidence and allow you to slowly work your body to perfection.

Where To Buy Pull Up Bar

Not only is the product durable and professional quality, it comes with an LCD display which allows you to easily track your progress and adjust the level of work you put in every day. The product is simple to assemble and small enough to save you room no matter where in your house you put it. If you’re looking for a stable and highly durable exercise machine that will help you lose weight or build muscle, you need the new adjustable sit up bench press.

How To Make A Pull Up Bar


Adjustable Resistance Levels: Don’t strain or break your back if the resistance level is too high. Simply adjust it down and get in a great workout that’s perfect for your body. Conversely, set the level higher if the workout is too easy for you.

LCD Display: Easily track your progress with the easy read out and adjust your levels with the simple press of a button. Use the LED screen to cycle through your calories lost and amount of work done for every day you use the bench press.

Diversified Workouts: This machine is great for working many muscles and core areas of your body. You can easily transition from a great ab workout to an intense bench press workout, then transition again to an incline. Work out every muscle group you choose.

Portable Design: Take the machine anywhere you wish within your house quickly and easily. You can even take it out of your house and transport it easily if you choose. Save space and room in your house with this portable design.

What Is The Best Diameter For A Pull Up Bar


Quick And Convenient: Don’t drive to the gym when you have the ultimate workout tool in your own home. Save time and money on transport and stay in for the night after an intense workout, or workout every afternoon while working from home.

Save Money: Gym memberships are prohibitively expensive but you don’t have to pay a cent of membership fees with this great home workout machine. The machine’s durability will also save you money for years down the road.

Easy Assembly: Unlike many home workout machines, the adjustable sit up bench press is simple to assemble and can be used just minutes after bringing it home.

How To Install Pull Up Bar


  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Max Height: 68cm
  • Thickness: 3.5cm
  • Total Length: 125cm


How Much Is A Pull Up Bar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Very amazing bench it's all that as described and very easy to put together in about 10 minutes. The bench is very sturdy and strong it's very light weight to move around. You will know it's working because you will feel your abs burning plus it target the lower back so you can work it out and it has some amazing elastic cable curls and push up station.


The padding is soft and firm. I use it every day, it is stronger than the expected. The assemble instructions was much clear than i have ever seen. The thicken foam protect my legs, minimize the fatigue and increase the friction. Everything is fine. The exercise bench meets my needs. I and my husband love it. Thanks.


Solid bench, not wobbles, this means most important for my sister. packing is all in good condition and took me 10 minutes to put together, when my sister is not using it she can store it almost anywhere, it is fold-able. Worth way more than it costs, my sister is quite pleased with my purchase.

Felton T

I would recommend this product to anyone that wishes to tighten up the abs. This is a great piece of equipment. It's lightweight and very easy to assemble and the only tools that you need to use come with the product.What more could one ask for? I tried it out as soon as I put it together and man do I feel the burn... my stomach muscles haven't been this sore from doing sit-ups since I had my gym membership.Oh... Did I mention that it is easy to put away as well? Yes, you can fold it and store it in a corner or even under a bed until you need it again.

Jack Ruh

I received the package in the time frame it was promised- which was very promptly.The package was sturdy. Not too heavy but heavy enough to know this was a good quality item.Directions were easy to read. It took me 10 mins to assemble. Very Fast Shipping!!!


It is super easy to put together the board is’s not heavy at all! This ab board is fantastic and this company has superb customer service!!!I highly recommend! Great buy Great price Great ab board I’m so happy with mine!