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Adjustable Double Pull Waist Trainer Lumbar Brace For Pain Relief | Lower Back Support Belt With Self Heating Pad

Adjustable Double Pull Waist Trainer Lumbar Brace For Pain Relief | Lower Back Support Belt With Self Heating Pad

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Get that perfect beach body with the help of Adjustable Double Pull Waist Trainer Lumbar Braces With Self Heating Pad

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This tool is a super breathable back support belt that is made with fish ribbon material. You can customize the fit of the belt to your exact specifications through the double layer elastic straps that offer compression which your abdomen and lower back need.

This Lumbar Brace is made of 82% polyester and 18% elastic ribbon. It is strong waist support yet has medium softness, elasticity, and thickness. Start using this Lumbar Brace to experience its benefits to the lumbar spine such as protecting that natural curve, enhancing stability, protecting the key part, and reducing the pressure.

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  • BREATHABLE DESIGN: This product is designed with mesh micropores that ensure air and moisture penetration, heat, and sweat dissipation.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYDAY USE: You can use it every day even under your working clothes because it permits a full range of movement while providing comfortable support.
  • PREVENTS BACK PAIN: Strong back support belt is stiff enough to keep your spine aligned, even when you are sitting at the computer or doing physical work all day.
  • GIVES RELAXATION: Wear during everyday chores and activities, and intense sports or workouts, to soothe and support your aching back.
  • USES BODY HEAT: Uses tourmaline stones and permanent bread magnets, your belt gives you a warm chemical-free heat pad on your lower back, using your own body heat to heal and relax you. The permanent magnets provide therapeutic healing benefits and fortifying properties.

Lumbar Support Braces With Self-heating Pad
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  • M: L: 90 W: 60-80
  • L: 96 W: 77-93
  • XL: L: 102 W: 87-110
  • XXL: L: 108 W: 97-117
  • 3XL: L: 114 W: 107-123
  • 4XL: L: 128 W: 117-135
  • 5XL: L: 140 W: 127-150

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