400ML Smart Sensor Automatic Sanitizer Soap Dispenser | Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Machine

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Whether it's hand sanitizer or soap, the reason you're washing is to be safe and clean. You need a dispenser that's really hands-free, like the 400ML Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Machine.

How To Open Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The 400ML Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Machine is a true hands-free solution. Simply wave your hand beneath the wall-mounted dispenser and the device's smart sensor triggers it to release just the right amount of cleanser. The dispenser can be filled with soap, hand sanitizer or lotion. You never have to touch a thing. The smart sensor and dispenser make everything automatic.

Can I Use A Soap Dispenser For Hand Sanitizer

The 400ML Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Machine operates using four AA batteries. Like the name says, it fills with 400ml of your chosen cleanser. Each individual dispensing releases a maximum of 1ml. The dispenser can be refilled at any time. Liquids are poured into the top, which can be locked to prevent unwanted access. The dispenser body has a clear window, so you can always see your soap level and keep it replenished. The 400ML Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Machine is wall mounted for convenience and safety. The dispenser is durable and sturdy, made from solid ABS plastic.

How To Open Deb Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Wall Mounted: The dispenser is wall mounted for clean and safe placement in a location of your choosing.

Smart Sensor/Hands-Free: The built in sensor activates to dispense the cleaning liquid. It has excellent detection and anti-interference capabilities. It is fully automatic, built for complete non-contact operation.

Large Soap Capacity: The 400ml liquid capacity means you won't always be refilling. The unit has a transparent container window that lets you see the exact amount of cleanser. The top opens for refills at any time and can be locked for safety and security.

Sturdy Construction: The dispenser is durable and sturdy, made of non-toxic ABS material. It is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, and very easy to clean.

Can You Put Hand Sanitizer In A Soap Dispenser


Easy To Use: The dispenser is simple to use. The wall-mounted design allows easy access. The unit has an LED indicator, making it easy to use at night. It runs on 4 AA batteries. There is no wiring, and there are no dangling cords.

Money Saver: The dispenser rations the amount of cleanser needed per use. 1 ml of liquid is released at a time, cutting down on waste and misuse.

Promotes Sanitation: In these critical times you can use hand sanitizer or soap without ever having to touch the dispenser. Clean and disinfect without ever making contact.

Attractive Appearance: The dispenser has an elegant, beautiful design. Its appearance is professional and sophisticated. It matches any room décor, simply and unobtrusively.

How To Refill Deb Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 9.5x9x18cm/3.7x3.5x7inch
  • Capacity: 400ML
How To Open Soap Dispenser

How To Use:

  1. Place Hands Below The Dispenser: The smart sensor will pick up the heat and movement and activate the dispenser.
  2. Let Cleanser Fall Into Open Palm: A proper supply of cleanser will pour into your open palm from the bottom of the dispenser. The dispenser will not release more then 1ml per activation.
  3. Rub Hands Smoothly Together: Rub the cleanser to all the applicable areas you wish to clean.
  4. Go To Water Source: Go to your running water supply to wash and rinse your hands. If you were in a facility that has automatic water taps, your entire experience would have been hands-free thus far!
  5. Go To Drying Device: Go to a dry towel dispenser or hot air hand-dryer. Once again, it your facility is automatic, you've now completed the entire process, while remaining hands-free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alex R

I bought this to so I can use it for my open house showings. It is great.it is small to have in a car and last me the whole day. I recommend it!


It is easy to install and use, and it is small in size and can be placed anywhere

Luis Cerrero

I received my order in great condition, the product is very good, good quality, just as you describe.

Terry T Thompson

No complaints about this purchase. Worth every penny.

Brandon K Hagen

Exceeded my expectations. I thought it was a cheap and fragile product, but in fact it does a good job. Good packaging, including instructions and installation hardware.


Works well so far. Just as advertised. It’s nice to have this available with the need for hand sanitizer so often.