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3D Pressurized Knee Support Compression Sleeve

3D Pressurized Knee Support Compression Sleeve

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Knee Brace Support Single Wrap with Adjustable Compression Straps Knee Support Braces Sleeve for Running Jogging Sports Injury Recovery

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3D Pressurized Knee Support Compression Sleeve, with accurate fit & precision threadwork, is one of the finest knee braces out there. The ingenious 4-strap design grabs your knee from all around & gives it firm non-slip support. Straps anchor the knee above & below the patella tendon which helps relieve jumpers knee, arthritis & patella tendonitis. A useful knee stabilizer ideal for various sports.

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  • CONFIDENCE & IMPROVED MOBILITY - Feel the comfort of all-day wear with the 4-way strap design, literally 'cocoon's your knee from every angle and it feels like you're wearing a glove. Your knee is wrapped in support & the flexible compression straps give support to the medial & lateral ligaments helping to stabilize your knee, great for weak knees that give way.
  • A TRUE NON-SLIP KNEE BRACE - Other knee supports are flimsy, slip down & become annoying having to re-adjust every 3 minutes. It has a unique 4-way strap system creating a super comfortable NON-SLIP support on all angles of your knee. This anchors the knee brace above & below the patella tendon which helps relieve jumpers knee & patella tendonitis.
  • REINFORCED COMPRESSION ensures the knee cap remains in its proper position, and distributes stress across the ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL ligaments, lowering the risk of re-injury by guiding the knee cap into proper motion.
  • 4 WAY SUPPORT DESIGN relieves pressure and reduces stress on the knee-joint during intense exercise and heavy usage; effectively relieves acute & chronic knee pain from arthritis, strains, sprains, and fatigue; ideal for post-surgery recovery or preventing sports injuries
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY USE AND ACTIVITIES - A must have for men and women. Its airy knitted fabric is both durableand especially lightweight, fits perfectly, and stays in position securely. 
  • Perfectly designed for sports, supports the movement of the knee during sports and protects against overuse strain during strenuous exercise. It's also a must have for any leg Intensive activity such as Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Football, Weightlifting, Gym Fitness Training, Cycling, Crossfit and more.

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  1. REINFORCED COMPRESSION - The flexible compression straps give extra non-slip support to the lateral ligaments, helping to stabilize your knee, reducing the risk of injury & promoting joint strength capability.
  2. REDUCES KNEE PAIN - Tight fit around the knees provides warm compression to the area giving it the desired comfort. Perfect for conditions such as soreness, joint inflammation & muscle tear.
  3. 4-STRAP DESIGN - Flexible 4 strap design ensures a snug fit around the patella region, holding your knee firmly from all directions. This relieves excess pressure & extra joint strain during heavy exercise or intense workout routine.
  4. ATHLETIC BUILT- The premium quality mixed elastic compression sleeve with an ANTI-SLIP design fits tight, so it always stays put no matter the physical activity. Perfect for heavy joint-stress activities such as basketball, volleyball, running, heavy workouts, CrossFit etc.
  5. BREATHABLE DESIGN - Its airy knitted fabric is both durable and especially lightweight, fits perfectly, and stays in position securely. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dominique Jaeger

It fulfills its promises

Ronald Ede
For the knee

My Wife thinks it is great helps her knee thanks.

John Campbell
Very good product

I have had numerous operation on both knees including knee replacements 10 and11 years ago. They have become a little over the years so decide to try the Compession Sleeve on the worst one. It has worked very well so far. I will likely order the next one sometime in the near future noe that winter will be here. I live in Sault Ste. Marie Ont which is across the Bridge from Saul Ste.Marie Michigan so winter will here soon. Again, thanks for your product. John

Ernie Robinson
Great Support

My knees are an arthritic problem and have hindered my activity for many years. I have tried other support products but the 3D Pressurized Knee Support has been the most effective. I am able to take walks and work in the garden due to the exceptional support the Compression Sleeve provides

Emil Muller

I am satisfied

Ronald Rochon
support good my knee but for my knee it is too small

i recommande at every body