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3D Invisible Stretch Insoles For Women | Breathable Support Socks

3D Invisible Stretch Insoles For Women | Breathable Support Socks

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Getting the support you need from your shoes usually means having to wear the least fashionable shoes in your rotation. If only those killer heels you spent too much money on weren’t also a killer for your feet!

Get all day comfort and support in even your most unsupportive of shoes with the 3D Invisible Stretch Insoles. These highly breathable, super low cut and washable support styles socks make any shoe comfortable again, no matter how long you are in them. Available in a variety of hues, they are designed with gel grips so they stay in place and a silicone cushioned heel. Stop suffering in your cutest heels and get breathable and comfortable support with these insole socks.

What Are Liner Socks


Low Cut Style: Get that sock-less look and keep your shoes the focus of your fashion sense! These insole socks sit low and are invisible to other people!

Cushioned Heel: Get all day comfort with the cushioned heel features in these insole socks. You won’t be shifting your feet uncomfortably because of the cushioning.

Gel Grip: It’s really annoying when socks slip off and slide around in your shoe. Just because these are lightweight doesn’t mean they will move off your feet, because of the unique gel grips that comfortably grip to your feet.

Liner Socks Womens


All-Day Comfort & Support: Get all day comfort and support with these insole socks. You’ll be comfortable for even the longest days on your feet from now on!

Easy To Wash: Wash these support insole socks like you would your regular socks! Just put them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes washing.

Enhance Your Shoes: Fashionable shoes, especially heels can look great but be absolutely painful on your feet. Now, you can wear them everyday with the support of these insole socks.

Shoe Liner Socks

Get the support you need from your shoes with these invisible insoles, scroll up and buy now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
A. Marie
Actually Low-Profile!

As silly as it sounds, I’ve had a really hard time finding no-show socks that 1) are actually no-show and 2) that stay up on your heel. These are just what I needed and I love the variety of colors. The back of the heel sometimes slightly shows with certain shoes (i have some slide-on tennis shoes this happens with) but you can adjust the sock to cover more of your toes so this doesn’t happen. There is a good sized grip on the heel so they have stayed up for me all day. I’ve only used these in slip on sneakers such as vans and boat shoes so i can’t speak to other flats.

I would buy again.

I needed socks for my flats that hurt the back of my feet. These socks were perfect and made my shoes so comfortable. They did show a tiny bit but that wasn't an issue for me. My socks did match my shoe color. These socks didn't slide down at all since they have grip to them, which I can't feel. I love that they come with different colors and very comfy. I wear a 9 1/2 shoe and these were perfect.


These are awesome and I wear with every shoe but sandals (duh). I literally JUST found out (at 34) that people wear these super low no show socks to save their shoes from stank and feet from sweat-also for comfort...who knew? (I have thrown away so many pairs of cute, expensive, non washable sneakers and flats not realizing this). The rubbery keep them from sliding AT ALL on the inside heel is TOO GOOD! It’s a quality buy and a super deal all the way around. You also CANNOT SEE THEM IN ANY SHOES, LADIES! You *may* have to tuck a small part in the side of a heel but because of the rubber on the inside, they’ll stay however you adjust them.

Susan E
Good for ballet flats

Fit fine, will work with ballet flats. Hopefully they will hold up in the wash!

No More Slipping Out Of Shoes

My socks constantly go missing: somehow they creep into the yawning abysses either of the laundry drum or the bottomless belly of the sock drawer! Personally, I simply can not wear flats barefoot, always wear low-cut/hidden socks (they help absorb sweat, keep my feet clean and dry, keep my feet from sliding out of the shoes etc etc) and I go through a BUNCH of them as they don’t last long and …constantly get lost. As for the quality: so far so good. Soft to the touch, good fit, not too thick, absorbing, and they stay on. I appreciate the 3 colors - goes with different shoes. And I think they are well priced.

Rina Weldon
Other "no show" socks could not be worn with flats or boat shoes but these are perfect! I will be...

Exactly what I was looking for! Other "no show" socks could not be worn with flats or boat shoes but these are perfect! I will be buying more of these for the summer!