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360 Sonic Toothbrush With Cold Light Whitening

360 Sonic Toothbrush With Cold Light Whitening

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The world’s first fully-automated brush. Featuring a revolutionary whitening technique.
Best Sonic Toothbrush

A recent study verified something most of us would never admit: 87% are not brushing their teeth as doctors recommend. Some forget to do it twice a day. Some are not brushing long enough. Or they even use the brush ineffectively.

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But even the best toothbrush, used twice (or even three times) a day, will never remove all the bacteria, all the impurities. Everyday, the harmful leftovers are damaging your teeth, your enamel, your gums.360 Sonic Toothbrush With Cold Light Whitening Reviews Eventually, the teeth get discolored. Coffee, soda, red wine, cigarettes, even apples are speeding up the whole process. Luckily, a solution appeared. Today is the day.


  • Unique U-shaped brush head, in line with the shape of the teeth bite, high-frequency sound wave vibration, can quickly and cleanly clean the surface and inside of the tooth at the same time 360°, eliminate 99.99% of bacteria inside the oral cavity, and provide dental health protection. 
  • Nano blue light whitening, low-temperature blue light irradiation teeth 45 minutes a time, sterilization, whitening, massage gums.
  • The perfect combination of brushing and whitening and forth, giving the tooth a 360-degree cleaning effect.
  • Food grade silicone brush head, not allergic, safer to use.
  • Wireless induction charging, 3 hours charging, 15 days available. 
  • Four modes(Soft cleaning mode/Strong cleaning mode/Massage gum mode/Whitening mode).
Is 360 Sonic Toothbrush Effective


  1. The normal working temperature of the product is 0°C-50°C.
  2. When the product is charged, please charge it at a normal temperature because of the characteristic of the product.
  3. When the product is not used for a long time or is placed for a long time, it is suggested that it should be charged and discharged within three months.
  4. The product is stored in dry and cool places as much as possible and avoid sunlight.
  5. After brushing your teeth, use a wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage and try to avoid soaking in water.
  6. The output power of the product is large and it is forbidden to work for a long time. Generally, it is less than 10 minutes.
  7. When charging, please take the brush head down and keep the body in a dry bath. The power supply is less than 10 minutes.
Best Whitening Toothbrush


  • ChargeUSB charging interface, wireless inductive charging base
  • Product size: about 1.2*2.6*4.5in
  • Clean time:45 seconds
  • charge time: 90 minutes
How To Use 360 Sonic Whitening Toothbrush


  1. After a full charge, install U-shaped brush head.
  2. Shake the liquid toothpaste out of the foam and evenly apply it to the U-shaped brush head.
  3. Put the brush head into your mouth, relax the bite U-shaped brush head, and select the right frequency mode.
  4. Easily touch your teeth, and shake your brush back and forth with your hands at the same time,
  5. then brush your tooth more cleaner.
  6. After brushing your teeth, use a wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage,
  7. and try to avoid soaking in water.
  8. Please read the instruction carefully.


  • 1 x Electric toothbrush
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Charger base
  • 1 x Use Manual
360 Sonic Whitening Toothbrush Reviews
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
S Darling

I was hoping this would replace the need for regular toothbrushes, unfortunately, it does not reach my back teeth. Otherwise, it works beautifully as advertised.

Pleased with product.

Awesome product. Easy to use and actually fun to use as well. The mouth piece is soft and easy to cut if needed for smaller mouth size. Quiet operation.

Cody Goedel
Great product.

Product is as described. Love how the toothbrush feels on my teeth. It does a good job. I have only had it a couple of days so not sure on teeth whitening yet.

Kathleen Bleakney
This thing actually works.

This cleaning and whitening device is in a league of its own. After the first time I used it, I was impressed at how it felt like I had just left the dentist. I have sensitive teeth, but my teeth and gums felt instantly cleaner, healthier and stronger. I also love that it’s hands free. I use this function with my whitening gel and do tasks around the house. I highly recommend this product.

Leah Cordovez
Overall a pretty satisfactory product.

I like that my teeth are noticeably whiter after only a few uses. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to floss and to brush your tongue since this device doesn’t. I do find find I’m using it more often than I was brushing before. That may wear off in time after the novelty wears off.

Diana Taylor

I've always wanted a toothbrush like this, and I finally caved in and bought this. It has, no exaggeration, changed my life. I have tried so many different things to whiten my teeth and improve my oral health in general. My teeth were NOTICEABLY whiter after just one use. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing this toothbrush was. My teeth feel cleaner than they ever have with at home brushing.