260ML Portable Insulin Case | Mini-Fridge Medicine Cooler 10200mAh

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Taking medication like insulin keeps many people alive, but it also needs to be kept at the proper temperature. This isn’t always easy to do.

How Much Is A Mini Fridge

Store your insulin pens or other medical pens safely and at the correct cold temperature with the 260mL Portable Insulin Refrigerator. It’s a portable mini fridge that allows you to travel safely without constantly seeking a fridge source to keep your medication at its correct temperature. Once charged you can get up to 24 hours of continual use and it’s easy to adjust the temperature of the mini fridge as you like on its digital display.

How Much Does A Mini Fridge Cost


Fast Cooling Mode: If you need to quickly store medication the mini fridge has a fast cool mode to quickly achieve the right temperature. Great for when you are in a hurry.

USB Charged: Once fully charged via the USB cord, the fridge can maintain temperature for up to 24 hours. The USB cord makes it a great travel companion.

Digital LCD Monitor: Accurately see temperature and other settings with the crystal clear digital LCD monitor. This acts as a touch screen also.

How Many Watts Does A Mini Fridge Use


Convenience: Stop having to find a fridge source while you travel with your medication. Now you have a mini fridge whenever and wherever you need.

On-The-Go Medication: Medication needs can be life threatening. Now you can have access wherever you are to important medication.

Large Capacity: With its 260mL capacity, you can carry multiple medical pens in the mini fridge. This is great for travel purposes.

Do Mini Fridges Use A Lot Of Electricity


  • Product Name: Insulin Refrigerator.
  • Battery Duration: 8 – 24 Hours
  • Battery: 10200mAh
  • Temperature: Up To 35ºC Below Outside Temperature, 0-18ºC.
  • Size: 21.5 x 15 x 6 cm
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1v, 9w
  • Rated Voltage: External Power Supply 15w.

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