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12 Level Electric Cupping Massager | Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Suction Cup

12 Level Electric Cupping Massager | Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Suction Cup

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Tired, sore muscles or even everyday stress can lower your quality of life. The 12 Level Electric Cupping Massager is the versatile massager you need for  gentle relaxation and rejuvenation.

The 12 Level Electric Cupping Massager is the perfect device to help multi-task your way to a slimmer, healthier you! With 12 adjustable levels of suction, this massager gives you the power to customize your treatments while using negative pressure cupping and scraping technology to provide a gentle yet effective massage. The built-in infrared heating system provides soothing warmth to ease muscle tension and promote healing. The rust-proof and antibacterial materials make it safe for use on all skin types. The one key pressure release makes treatments painless! Smooth and fast, this massager is exactly what you need to unblock meridians, improve circulation, dispel cold, and relax muscles.

Massage Cupping
Scraping Massage


Scraping + Cupping Technology: The negative pressure cupping and scraping technology with upgraded head chassis provides gentle scraping and cupping for the entire body.

12 Adjustable Levels: The 12 adjustable levels make it easy to customize your massaging experience.

Gua Sha Massage: Relax, smooth and detoxify the arms, legs, and back with the gentle scraping of the massager.

Infrared Physiotherapy: Infrared heating delivers continuous warmth to relax tired muscles as the massager rolls over them.

Constructed with Safe Materials: The massager is constructed with antibacterial and rust-free materials for a safe, longer lasting massagers.

Electric Neck Massager
Electric Body Massager


Full Body Massage at Home: Enjoy Gua Sha massages from the comfort of your own home thanks to the massager’s powerful, compact.

Wireless for Easy Flexibility: The massager’s wireless design means you can move around freely while using it. Combined with USB charging, this design makes it easy to use all over the body and convenient to take with you on the go.

Compatible with Essential Oils: Massager can be used with essential oils to aid in unblocking meridians and improving circulation.

Enjoy Longer Massages Longer: With a 2400 mAh Battery, the large capacity battery provides long battery life, so you can use it for extended periods of time.

Customized Massage Experience: With its 12 adjustable levels, the Gua Sha Massager can be used for everything from warming the uterus to relaxing muscles to dispel cold and improve circulation.

Gua Sha Tools
Infrared Massager

Stop your sore muscles in it's tracks! Scroll up and get this massager today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Todd J G

WOW, I needed knee surgery due to scar tissue and complications from surgery and now the scar tissue is gone. I might still have a little tear of ligament that might heal, but I don't have to worry about surgery !! It is a miracle !!! Seriously, I had a complicated knee surgery and now don't have to worry any more. This vacuum and a little lotion, has helped further heal my knee! I am obviously very happy with this product.

Amanda King
Works well, with a few warnings

My physical therapist uses a cupping device on me and moves it around to break up fascial adhesions. It really makes a difference, so I decided to get one for myself but I figured the whole set up with the clear plastic cups and hand operated plunger would be difficult to use on myself. This device seemed like the perfect solution. When you toggle it on, it pretty quickly starts sucking your flesh into the device and does not stop until you toggle it off. It takes fractions of a second to go from "weak connection" to "my organs are now in this machine". There is no way to release the suction, you have to break the seal - and if you've over sucked that can be hard and painful. It's still a good purchase - it keeps the charge and does what it is supposed to.

Nikki Dorsey
Good quality. Takes some time to learn techniques

I’ve notice some of the user’s complained about this product being too “strong”. I think it is how you use it. It will “suck your guts” if you just leave it in one spot. Instead, continuing movement will help to have the best results. I found out that light lotion or massage oil will help to do so.I believe there is similar product with different “pressure” setting, this one does not have it. Yet, those devices also cost more. So for the price and whatever it can do - I am giving this device 5 stars

What are you waiting for GET IT NOW

Let me tell you. This product is awesome. If you ever run across a review and it states that the suction is weak.. "THAT'S A LIE" This bad boy is the truth.. Due to the product not having any levels of sections power but Common sense will tell you not to place the device directly to the skin therefore it will cause pain and leave bruises. However with any cupping device you should apply oil to the area (do not soak it with oil). For me... again for me when I use the device I glide the device over the skin allowing one to be lifted just a little bit so it wouldn't grab the skin because it HURTS trying to release your skin even with the power off. You have been warned bwhahahahahah (devilish laugh). But I love this powerful device.. Hope this helps

Helene A.
Very happy with it, hope it lasts

Strong suction. May be too much for beginners. I use a little coconut oil on my skin if I want to glide. I took pics with my largest silicone cup for comparison. Follow meridians to strengthen/sedate whichever pathways I’m working on (usually triple warmer to deal with stress). Bought one for my parents as well and taught them how to use. They both are excited to have such a handy tool, small enough that it can be used whenever, even while watching tv in an easy chair.You can turn the machine off as soon as suction is established and let it sit on a point, adding suction as necessary by turning it back on for a second or two. Or you can keep it turned on and it will build suction (and likely leave a mark). My mom was super sensitive the first time she tried it, especially in the lower extremities where she has swelling. After a session of light cupping from ankle to knee, she described a feeling of lightness and felt like her feet were not as tight in her shoes.If you know nothing about cupping, take a little time to look it up online and get some pointers, tips, do’s and don’ts.This is a handy little unit, well priced, and with a design that makes it easy to self administer virtually anywhere you can reach. I hope mine lasts a long time.

Tayzia Martinez
Great massager, its ruthless!

Few will find a leg massager that is out to remind you on yeah, you bought that damn thing and now take this your runny legs! Again this is a ruthless massager, it will hurt and if you like that well then this is the massager for you. Its great for a price.