TENS Neck Relaxer With Heat Therapy | Smart Neck Pain Relief Massager

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Is chronic neck and shoulder pain holding you back from the life you want to have? With a TENS heat therapy neck massager, you can get the pain relief you need to start living your life again!

How To Massage Neck Pain Away

This 6D home massager was specifically designed to provide you with neck and shoulder pain relief. TENS technology and heat therapy are used to make your aches and pains disappear while the ergonomic design contours to the unique shape of your body. You can count on the Remote Electric Pulse Cervical Massager to relieve your aches and pains all from the comfort of your home!

How To Massage Stiff Neck


Lightweight Ergonomic Design: Weighing just under one pound, you will barely feel this massager as it rests on your shoulders. The unique elastic arm design of the massager naturally adjusts to the curvature of the human cervical spine for ideal comfort levels.

6 Electrical Massage Heads: 6 electrical massage plates carefully envelop your neck. They are expertly placed to maximize the TENS and heat therapy delivered to your neck. Their special 360-degree design allows this pain relief massager to adjust to different body types while providing the same level of care.

Multiple Massage Modes: This electric pulse cervical massager offers multiple massage modes. Choose from pulse, beating, kneading, hammer, acupuncture, TENS electric pulse, and hot massage. You can find the perfect setting for your ideal pain relief.

Long Battery Life: This heat therapy home neck massager features a super lithium built-in battery. The battery fully recharges very quickly and efficiently. One charge can last over a week depending on how frequently you use the massager.

How To Relax Neck Muscles


Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief: With regular home treatments from this cervical neck massager you will get the neck and shoulder pain relief you have been looking for. The special heat and TENs technology relaxes muscles and relieves tensions to provide relief to your sore muscles.

Improves Neck Strength & Flexibility: Regular use of this massager allows the tension in your neck and shoulders to disappear. Less tension means your neck will naturally become more flexible and develop increased strength from having a greater range of motion.

Increases Circulation To Brain: This massager is guaranteed to increase blood flow to your brain. The combination of electric pulse technology from TENs, heat therapy, and the pressure of massage nodes create an ideal environment for proper blood flow. A tense neck limits how much blood goes to your brain, but a relaxed neck allows optimal circulation to your brain, so you are more alert and focused.

Relieves Stress: Regular neck and shoulder massage is known to decrease heart rate, relax muscles, and release endorphins. These three benefits all contribute to lower stress levels. Using this home neck massager is an excellent way to become a calmer version of yourself.

How To Relax A Stiff Neck


  • Number Of Massage Gears: 6
  • Massage Mode: 3 Modes
  • Hot Compress Temperature: 38-42°
  • Massage Time: 15min/time
  • Rated Power: 3w
  • Rated Voltage: 5v
  • Charging Time: 1h
  • Size: 13.5*14*6cm
How To Relax A Pinched Nerve In Neck

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Katherine Parker
Very nice machine just

Very nice machine I started using it and I’m enjoying it when I do use it but I have to use it for at least 45 minutes before I could feel a good result but that could just be my accident in Muscles so tight

Joe M
Futuristic looking and works well

My initial thoughts when this massager arrived for my wife's birthday was that it looked well-made and futuristic. The price is about right for the quality you get. We charged it up and both she and I used it several times over the night. One thing you should know is that the massage is electric not vibration. Like a TENS unit, this device "massages" your neck with several different modes and intensities of electric shock. It also has a heating function, which my wife preferred.Here are my pros and cons:Pros:High quality construction doesn't feel cheap. Heating functions works great. Electric stimulation is adjustable. Cons:My wife couldn't feel the electric shock part (!) But she did enjoy the heat.Sometimes when I adjusted my heat, I got a sharp "shock" for a millisecond.

Sunshine Mel
Eases suffering, easy to operate

If you or a close friend or family member has chronic neck pain, you know how awful it can be. My mom was in a terrible car accident years ago, and the only thing that eases her suffering is massage. I got this for her in the hopes that it would give her some relief, and give my dad a rest. My mom is not the most technologically inclined person, so I was a little concerned that she might have trouble operating it. Sometimes my presents to her go by without comment, but she called me within a week of receiving this raving about it. She hasn’t had any trouble operating it, so it might work for the elderly people in your family as well.

Paula B
Nice and comfortable. Not bulky. Provides good pain relief

I have been using this neck massager daily for the last week. I have been suffering from neck/shoulder pain for a few years now and it gets bad towards the end of my work day. That is when I use this massager and it provides a great temporary pain relief and relaxation. In the past I have been using some sort of heat pad but had not been able to use it consistently since it was a little in-convenient. This device has made it very easy for me to get frequent heat massages in the neck area. Pros- Sits very comfortably on the neck area. I was also able to push it a little down and get some massage on the neck bone on the back of the neck.- Charges very easily using a USB type C cable and holds charge for a while on a full charge. I have used it for at least 2 hours on a stretch without the need to charge- I like the auto shutoff feature that shuts off after 15 mins to prevent overuse. This helps in case you are not using it for > 15 mins in which case it will save battery- Supports 6 different massaging modes.- Cons- I honestly could not find any cons. The only thing I noticed initially was that it caused some irritation when running in vibrate mode at high intensity but then after reading the instructions and wetting the neck area a little bit it was fine. So do not forget to wet your neck area a little it before using at high intensity. At lower intensity, even when try, it was very comfortable. The vibration were noticeable but very soothing. So far I have been very pleased with it and want to see how it performs in the long run. Have used it about a week now. I am hoping it will provide some sort of permanent pain relief over a period of time if I use it consistently.

Deloris P.
Really helps with my injured neck!

When I was 19, I got rear-ended in my first car and suffered a lot but did not know at the time of the accident. Even after 20 years I still suffer from stiff neck and constantly need to heat and massage it as it become stiff easily.With all the massagers I have, I wanted something that uses less percussion but with heat and electrical stimulation. This unit wrapped around my size 17 neck comfortably and isn't heavy at all.Read the directions carefully as I felt a good pulse from the electrical stimulation playing around with it. But after awhile, I got used to a particular setting and has been working great since. I only use this for 5-6 minutes a day at most so I don't overwork the muscles either. But the combination with the heat and the electrical stimulation has been working out really well so it's a godsend product

Miron H.
Just wet the skin, it’s awesome.

Some reviewers complained of “shocks”. The manual recommends to wet the skin to avoid static. The massager really works the muscles out inside and out. The heat and vibration are a plus. This is a great product, relieves neck pain, easy to wear