Reusable Hot + Cold Gel Knee Brace | Compress Therapy For Injury Recovery

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Is chronic knee pain holding you back from the activities you want to do? With a multi-purpose knee therapy brace, you can finally soothe your sore joints and enjoy physical activity again.

This reusable knee compress was precisely designed to target knee pain at the source. Its ergonomic shape contours to the unique figure of your knee to provide deep pain relief. Both men and women can use this compress to provide relief. It is filled with an inventive gel that can be cooled or heated. No matter what your joints need, this reusable brace can make all your aches and pains disappear!

Knee Stabilizer Brace


Lightweight Ergonomic Design: Weighing only 800 grams, you will barely feel this reusable compress as it rests on your joints. The unique brace design forms to the natural curvatures of the human body to comfortably fit around your knees, calves, shoulders, and more. It's so lightweight you can continue to complete daily tasks like checking your email, reading, sweeping, or even driving when you wear it.

Medical Grade Hot Cold Treatment Gel: Hot cold gel fills the inner lining of this therapy brace. Put this pain relief compress in the refrigerator for one to two hours to get the benefits of cold therapy. Or, simply microwave for one minute and then 30 seconds to experience the benefits of heat therapy.

Skin Friendly Fabrics: The first layer of this hot cold compress is medical-grade premium PVC that stays flexible even when cold. The second layer is a soft flannel that nestles the skin to reduce irritation. Both can be easily washed so you can reuse this brace again and again.

Use On Multiple Joints: Thanks to the ergonomic design of this therapy compress, it can be used on multiple joints besides the knee. Use it on shoulders, elbows, wrists, calves, and more.

Knee Braces Arthritis


Speed Up Muscle Recovery: The cold version of this compress helps with muscle swelling, bruising, and muscle strain. The hot version of this compress helps with relaxation and fatigue. By using this brace at both temperatures at different time your muscle will recover faster.

Increases Circulation: Through a combination of both hot and cold therapy sessions, you can use this compress to improve blood circulation to your joints. This means less knee pain and helps prevent future injuries.

Relieves Pain From Multiple Sources: No matter what caused your knee pain, this brace will help ease the symptoms. Use it for sports injuries, arthritis, sprains, post-surgery, and more.

Best Knee Brace For Pain


  • Material: Gel, Nylon, Flannel
  • Product Color: Gray
  • Knee Brace Size: 46cm x 24.5cm x 2cm
  • Packing Content/Method: Frosted bag + color box
  • Usage: Refrigerator refrigeration and microwave heating
Knee Pain Braces

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Steve F
Fits very nicely

I have shoulder arthritis and biceps tendon inflammation; I wear this icing device at bedtime. Very adjustable. I really like that I can tighten the ice pads around my upper arm and that the large strap goes around my chest, under my opposite arm and I can adjust it easily. I am 6'3" and was worried that it would be too small. Not so. Fits perfectly. Can also adjust to a smaller person. Highly recommend.

L. B. Palecek
Ease of Icing your back

This is a great ice pack for icing your back or whatever part of your body that needs icing. It's dependable and you don't have to worry about water leaking. Just put in the freezer and it's ready to use again.

Fantastic for knees and works great. No need for towels or Ace wraps

Fantastic for knees and works great. No need to use a towel under it or an Ace wrap to hold it in place.After a Knee replacement ice was one of the best ways to reduce pain and swelling. Using Ice packs, towels under them, and ace wraps to hold everything in place was not very easy, especially at first when we used Ice up to 10 times a day. I tried using Ice bags, frozen ice applications, frozen bags, etc. All worked but were hard to put on and very difficult to wear and move if wearing. There had to be an easier way. It really met the need. following the directions and freezing it in the (supplied) bag was essential. It only takes a few minutes to go from the freezer to applied on the knee. If we had found this earlier I would have had at least three of them.Yes, I Highly recommend this product and would give it more stars if possible!

Daisy Dodge
Good Quality

I have been looking for a good quality knee wrap, this one is great. I like that it has a soft side for a less intense icing and the other side without the added material for a more intense icing. The straps are long but can be wrapped several times to fit all size legs.

Sarah Jackson
Solid product.

Very durable solid product. Keeps cold for quite some time. The velcro straps are awesome, but they're sort of long and stick to everything! I have a feeling they might wear out kind of quick from frequent use. not sure if maybe if they were reinforced a little bit they might be a little bit stronger. I did experience a small leak in the product and scanned the QR code right away and I have a new one coming from the company no questions asked. Awesome customer service!

John D. Harding

I love this ice pack! I use it multiple times a day and it helps me so much. It stays cool for about an hour and then I put it back in the freezer for a few hours and then use it again. I like the compression, although you can make it looser if you would like. It’s a must have if you have a torn labrum or rotator cuff.