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Relief - High Density Cervical Pillow

Relief - High Density Cervical Pillow

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Waking up with a crick in your neck? Time to ditch your outdated pillow and buy a pillow that offers the support you need!

Our cervical pillow is made of quality, high density memory foam. The rebound is amazing! It supports your head, keeps your neck in proper alignment, and alleviates all your pressure points. No more tossing and turning trying to find the perfect position. Perfect for both back and side sleepers, our pillow has built-in air channels for ultimate breathability! So, you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

How To Use Memory Foam Pillow


Zippered Pillow Case: The included pillowcase is soft on delicate skin. Plus, it’s 100% washable.

High Density Memory Foam: Not all memory foam is created equal. Our memory foam is NASA-grade memory foam. It cradles your head and alleviates your pressure points.

Keeps Neck In Alignment: Our ergonomic pillow offers complete cervical support. So, you wake up refreshed and ready to start your day.

Are Memory Foam Pillows Safe


Air Flow Design: While supportive, memory foam retains heat. But, our pillow has built-in air channels that keep you cool even on hot summer nights.

Just Right Neck Support: With 5 different pillow heights to choose from, your pillow can support your head just right. Plus, our high density memory foam conforms to the shape of your head.

For Back & Side Sleepers: It doesn’t matter how you prefer to sleep. With this pillow, your spine is always in alignment.
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  • XS: 57x34x6cm
  • S: 58x35x7.5cm
  • M: 59x36x9cm
  • L: 60x37x10.5cm
  • XL: 61x38x12cm

How To Use Cervical Pillow

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Derek McNamara
Great side sleeping pillow!!!

It is lightweight and brings a slight cooling aspect to it because of that. This pillow doesn't have the cooling feeling that my Therapedic cooling pillows have, but they do have a much better give when you place your head down. I am a total side sleeper, and last night, this was on my head while I pushed the others to the side to test thing bad boy out. I don't know if I'd recommend this if I slept on my stomach or back, but side sleepers, for sure. You don't get that lay-flat pillow feeling that you get with those MyPillow pieces of garbage. It's also much lighter than the other two I listed. Due to that, I will be getting another one of these to take camping/hiking. Maybe 2 or 3 more, as my couch could use a couple more pillows! Pros:Quality memory foamLightweightComes with a soft, relaxing pillow slip with a tuckable zipperComes in all sizes (S to XL)ComfySide sleeper +Cons:Doesn't have the cooling effect that other memory foam pillows have, but does have a pillow slip that works similar to it.Comes in all sizes, but they appear to all be the same price. I got the XL and probably would only get the larger sizes unless the prices change; it'd be nice to get a couple of these in small or medium for my couch!

Meadow Thorne
Best pillow in the world I slept n not in pain

I have had problems sleeping all of my life I don't like taking pills we all try to do our own self sedation sometimes melatonin everything you name it to a glass of wine my mouth had been hurting me I thought I had all this dental issues when I got this pillow everything in my life has stopped for the 1st time in over 40 years and I'm being sincerely honest I am sleeping a couple hours solidly no neck pain no mouth pain and sleep and it's a right thing I'm not overheating I'm enjoying it's not too hard it's not too soft this is just perfect Stop reading and buy your pillow I hope you have a better night now

John Grady
Great Pillow, Especially For A Side Sleeper

Pros:- Packaging was nicely boxed and prepared for a pleasant presentation- Comes with its own zippered pillow case/cover that's easy to maintain (wash & dry)- The pillow is made of good quality material- Double-sided comfort, memory foam on one side, and cushion on the other- Doesn't retain sweat (if you happen to be a night sweater)- Comes in multiple sizes (S to XL)Cons:- Size, it could stand to be a bit wider and thicker, maybe create a XXL (I ordered the largest available)- Due to its size, it doesn't fit in well with traditional bedding (standard pillow sizes) Overall, I think the pillow is very nice, and made of good quality material. The included pillow cover is a nice addition as well. The option to choose between memory foam or cushion is definitely what makes this pillow worth investing in. Being a side-sleeper, this pillow is very comfortable to me. It's not cooling pillow, however, it does a great job of dissipating sweat/wetness. I've previously owned a 'My Pillow' amongst others, however, I don't think it holds up as well as this pillow, so far.That said, I wish it had been a little wider and thicker (I have a fairly large head, and I just need a little bit more surface and thickness)I would recommend.

Chelsea Maher
Very good quality

It arrived in a nice small box and I just had to open the packaging to let it all unfold. It took about 24 hours to form it's full shape.The feel of the pillow before you put the case on is a nice and soft material and it is even better once the pillow slip that comes with it goes on. It is a nice little touch getting a pillow case that comes with it as it fits perfectly.I ordered a small pillow as I like quite thin pillows so this size was perfect for me. Although you can order the size also according to your height and weight which I think is really good.I've had the pillow for a while now and I love it. I like that no matter whether I lay on my side or back it is still comfy due to having 2 sides on the pillow 1 soft and 1 firm. It is the comfiest pillow I've had.The quality of the pillow and pillow case is amazing and I'm very impressed with the whole look of it too. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a memory foam pillow to order and try this one as you won't regret it.

Anthony Ogden
Great memory foam pillow

This pillow is has a soft side and a firm side so depending on how u sleep u just turn it came with a nice soft pillow case that zips up too so u dont have to keep f9x9ng the pillow case it's nice I like it

Rick James Stapp
Hopefully my last pillow for awhile

I wasn't sure if this pillow was going to work for me. Friends kept telling me to try it since I don't sleep well. So I finally stepped up and bought it.Wow, I can't believe how well I sleep compared to my other pillow. It makes a difference that i didn't even think it could really do that.Easy to move around, really stays nice and cool with that nice pillow cover it comes with. Plus the packaging is really thought out and top of the line.Good choice for me, it should work great for you too.