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Premium Comfort Weighted Blanket

Premium Comfort Weighted Blanket

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Want to lower your odds of inability to sleep at night? Want to get better sleep and good rest?

YNM Weighted Blanket

Worry not! Premium Comfort Weighted Blanket helps to reduce insomnia and increase the quality of your sleep.


Premium Comfort Weighted Blanket is proven to aid in sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and more. By replicating the sensation of being hugged or held, serotonin and melatonin levels in the body rise, providing you with a natural sleep aid.

Galaxzzz Premium Weighted Blanket

Glass beads are sewn into each individually-seen pocket for even weight distribution. Ties on every corner ensure no midnight blanket-slippage. Scientific research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight brings about a deeper, more natural sleep cycle.

Galax Z Weighted Blanket Review

Our weighted blanket is a quick and cozy solution to tossing and turning- literally. The sensation of weight distributed over your body calms you down and helps you stay still for deeper, restful sleep.


  • Material: Premium Brush Microfibre
  • Color: Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey
  • Weight: 15 lbs and 20 lbs
  • Measurement: 47" x 70" and 59" x 78"
  • Easy To Clean: Washable
Weighted Blanket Reviews 2019
  • Double Stitched Quality - We know you're smart enough to do your research. The number one problem with other weighted blankets is the weight that leaks and makes a mess. Your weighted blanket features double-stitched reinforced edges, so your blanket is stress-free!
  • Better Distribution Of Weight - Do you want to feel your weighted blanket shift every time you move? Neither do we, that's why your weighted blanket features pockets that are half the size of the competition! Smaller pockets mean better distribution of weight. Better distribution of weight means a better experience for you.
  • Thoughtful For Any Occasion - Don't risk giving your friend or loved one a weighted blanket that's anything but the best. Choose a blanket that's high quality, comes with beautiful packaging, and won't make a mess!

Best Weighted Blanket For Anxiety

Sleep better every night by adding this weighted blanket to cart now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Laura Perretti
weighted blanket

It is good, Different. I really like it, It takes some getting used to.

Laredo Reader
I love this blanket!

It is not as warm as other weighted blankets.  This is good for those of us who like to sleep cool.  It helps me sleep through the night and wake up feeling better rested.  I would recommend getting a size smaller than your bed so that it doesn't hang off the side because then it would feel too heavy.  I would also recommend that if two people share the bed, each one get his/her own blanket for convenience.

The blanket was great. I fell asleep easier than I have in ...

The blanket was great. I fell asleep easier than I have in a long time. Very warm and it stayed on my lower back and legs throughout the night. If you are purchasing with the intent that it will drape over the sides of your bed be sure to measure the size of your current comforter. I originally thought that it would cover two people but they only ended up with half of my blanket. The only bad part about the blanket was that it will hurt your feet if you are laying with your toes pointed up. Also, if you have a large chest, and sleep on your chest with pillows the blanket may slide down your back a few times during the night.

yolonda Lovelace
Stop worrying buy it- trust this review

I have been struggling with sleep issues for the last 7 years. I developed this problem while serving in the Middle East.I was reading about weighted blankets for people with anxiety, ADHD, and sleeping issues. Like you I was very hesitant. I was averaging 4 hours a night. The first night I slept 6 hours! I was elated. For the next week I averaged 6-8 hours per night. Last night I didn’t use my blanket and I slept intermittently through the night. I never have a problem falling asleep.  I have problems staying asleep. My brain never stops. I love this blanket ! I made the mistake of sleeping with the comforter and the blanket, and it was hot! I only woke up because of sweating. IMO- it was worth it. The blanket is well crafted, soft, and pretty. I got the 12 pds because everything I read said 10% of body weight. If you are unsure I hope this helps. Zzzzzzz ..

Labreeska m Rogers
It works

My over all rating was a 5 star this blanket works really well especially if you have anxiety or sleep problems as far as cleaning goes your better bet is to send it to a dry cleaner due to its weight I think it might be a bit too heavy to do in a regular washing machine but all in all the 1st night I slept with it I ended up sleeping better it does get quite warm up underneath it so you might wanna consider having the fan on but all in all I really like this blanket and would recommend it to others also I would say that it is a very easy giftable item

First-time blanket user

I grabbed the 20lb large blanket after reading through reviews. At first opening I was amazed at how heavy 20lbs is and was worried I wouldn’t be able to lift it off me during the night. First impression was that it looks sturdy and though it doesn’t run over my queen sized bed, it covers enough of it to drape myself and my body pillow. My main reason for buying is I’m suffer from insomnia and part of that I believe is due to my anxiety. I also am going through a hard time in life and wanted to have something that would make sleep come for me. I’ve used it the last three nights and found it very comforting. It’s like a hug. At first I thought the weight would be too much and feel restricting but after that first night I was used to it. It could be because I have their blankets beneath it (winters here) but it slides. Because it’s such a pain to redistribute when you’re already under it I’m giving it four stars. I’ll update my review/rating later once I see how it holds up over time.