Postpartum 3 in 1 Recovery Belt | Tummy Tuck Support Band

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The strain and stress on a woman’s body during and post pregnancy can be incredibly debilitating. The biggest problem areas many women discover are in the belly, waist and pelvic areas.

When Can I Start Wearing Postpartum Belt After C Section

Get slimming and structural support from this Postpartum 3 in 1 Recovery Belt. Why 3 in 1? The answer is because it provides support for the 3 most common problem areas women face during and after a pregnancy; their belly, waist and pelvis. Made from a comfortable acrylic and cotton blend material, you can wear it all day for support and a slimmer appearance, and no one will notice it. New moms have enough to deal with, so get all day support with this revolutionary 3 in 1 Recovery Belt!

Can I Wear Postpartum Belt While Sleeping


Interior Support: Your waist and back are protected during continual use of the Recovery Belt by the interior structural support bars. It will take the pressure off without showing through clothing.

3 Belts In 1: To help target specific zones of your abdomen that are giving you problems, this Postpartum belt can be customized to provide recovery support for up to 3 areas. The Belly, Waist and Pelvis can all be covered.

Fits Under Clothing: This belt system can be worn comfortably under most clothing. No poking seams or straps that will show through.

When Can I Wear My Postpartum Belt After C Section


Recover Fully: Wearing this belt will help you recover from giving birth quicker and more effectively. It provides the support your tired body needs.

Slimming Belt: One stressful factor after giving birth is getting back to a pre pregnancy weight and appearance. Get back to the real you quicker with the slimming effects this belt provides.

All day Comfort: This 3 in 1 Recovery Belt is comfortable and supportive enough to be worn all day. The seams and fasteners are strong, yet lightweight and won’t protrude into your body.

How Soon Can I Wear Postpartum Belt

Get your support for the 3 most common problem areas women face during and after a pregnancy! Add this to cart now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Currently, 3 weeks postpartum and I've been wearing for 2 weeks during the day and have noticed a difference in my waist line. I reallylike that it sits high on the back. No rolling and it helps tremendously with posture.


Alright this is my 3rd child and I am breastfeeding..With that said I've never used a postpartum belt before, and I am so happy I did ! I don't think I was this slim before I got pregnant. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. LOVE this! It's amazing!


It was easy to put on, provided a lot of support and helped the swelling go down quickly. I loved this product. I've included a picture of me 4 weeks postpartum from my c section for my twins

Simone Carney

I'm currently one week PP with my third child. This is the first time I've used a belt after delivery and boy do I wish I had used this after my first two! It's comfortable, breathable, helped with the discomfort of uterine contractions during breastfeeding, as well as back and pelvic pain/pressure. I could seriously wear this thing all the time!


I'm 6 weeks postpartum and these waist wraps are really helpful. Not only do they tighten everything, they also provide much needed back support. It does take a while to get used to. It is strong and it doesn't come off once it's on.


i wish i bought this product sooner after my first cesarian section surgery. it's a life saver! i know my scar will recover very quick. thickness is perfect for me. not too tight and not too lose. i feel more comfortable now than my first c-section. the comfort it gives me gives me more time to spend with my older one. this product is a great pain relief. 5 stars for this product and defenietly recommend for women like me who had a major belly surgery!