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Pilates Fitness Bar With Resistance Band

Pilates Fitness Bar With Resistance Band

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Working out and exercise are keys to good health, but sometimes our bodies prevent us from starting this – and the culprit is our joints!

How To Use Yoga Bands

Pilates is the answer to this problem for people seeking a low impact workout and the Pilates Fitness Bar with Resistance Band is the perfect combo kit to let you explore all Pilates has to offer. Made from the highest quality latex materials, it’s also super easy to set up and get started on your workout. See how good Pilates is for you and without joint pain with this amazing Pilates Kit!

How To Use A Yoga Band


Quick Assembly: With just a few clicks you will have quickly assembled your Pilates kit and will be ready to workout. Disassembly also only takes a few clicks!

High Quality Latex: The resistance bands are constructed from the highest quality latex available. They are tough and can take on hour after hour of Pilates workouts.

Customize Your Workout: There are literally thousands of Pilates workouts and combinations you can do with this Pilates Kit. Discover your dream session with it!

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Low Impact Workout: Pilates is great low impact workout. If you have joint pain but still want to build muscle and increase overall fitness, then Pilates is perfect for you.

Improves Posture: People who suffer from bad backs often remark how much better their back and posture gets after Pilates. Your back muscles increase and your posture improves.

Portable: Take this Pilates kit with you wherever you are to keep up with your fitness routine. Now there are no excuses to skip Pilates!

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How To Use:

  1. Align the desired position of the bar to your desired workout.
  2. Insert pin correctly.
  3. Push together to connect.
  4. Click button for quick and easy disassemble.
  5. Roll the resistance band up on handle tube to adjust length. Adjust this according to height and desired resistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

GREAT BUY! Fantastic for a full body workout. You can do a good light workout or kick it up a notch for more intensity. I use it for upper body and lower body. There are resistance bands and you can turn the bar to tighten up the bands for more resistance which is a plus! It still gives you a nice workout that works out different muscle groups. Super happy with this purchase and always great to add more variety to your workouts!

Ashley Tronson

With all the gyms currently being closed it has left me with the only option to workout from home. This has been a great bar to add to my plethora of workout bands and free weights. I was struggling to add resistance and variety to my training but this Pilates bar has added a great balance to my workouts at home. The way the bar breaks down to store away compact and the quality of the product for the price is an added bonus to any at home fitness gym.

David Pese

This is an amazing piece of equipment for home workouts. I love how you can adjust the resistance to give you the perfect workout. I am very impressed with the quality of the grips. It is easy to use and gives you a great workout! I can’t wait to see the results I get from adding in this amazing Pilates bar!

Taja Y

I spent a lot of time trying to decide which Pilates bar to purchase and I’m so happy that I went with this one. It is great for working out and extremely durable. It’s easy to roll the straps up to adjust the resistance. The bar was simple to screw together and it is sturdy and feels high quality. Durable and great for travel!

Vicki Adams

This is a product that I have been looking for! I love this product because it is easy to use, even for beginners. I would definitely recommend this Pilates bar to my friends, family and anyone wanting to workout at home or on the road. This pilates bar is sturdy and very well made, so no worries about the bands breaking!


I was looking for something new to add to my exercise routine since I haven't been to the gym in months. I've been walking a lot but I needed more. This Pilates Bar was super easy to screw together and will be easy to store. I can use it at home, take it to the park, use it in the yard, anywhere. After only a few sets my arms are thanking me! I'm looking forward to learning all the exercises in the video. You can work upper and lower body with different exercises. It's very sturdy and I think it will last for years.