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Oxygen Concentrator Machine 1-6L/min For Home Use

Oxygen Concentrator Machine 1-6L/min For Home Use

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Breathing with comfort and ease is a function we take for granted, but for many folks this is unfortunately not always the case. Having access to highly concentrated oxygen is a method to swiftly restart proper breathing. Previously though, these machines were only available in hospitals and medical facilities. But not anymore!

Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If you or someone at home needs consistent access to oxygen therapy, then this 1-6Lmin Oxygen Concentrator Machine may be a vital, even life saving purchase. Simply connect a mask and hose attachment and let the pure oxygen flow. And with the included nebulizer function up to two people can comfortably absorb oxygen together for an extended period in a room. As mentioned, these life-changing machines were once only inside medical facilities but now sufferers can have their own oxygen concentrator at home now, and without crippling their bank account. It’s an easy machine to operate with a large display that clearly shows time remaining, power flow and oxygen concentration. The included remote control makes it even easier to use.

Oxygen Concentrator Machine


Large Color LCD Screen: read O2 concentration levels, flow and time remaining clearly as they are displayed on the large screen at the front of the machine.

Portable And Light: Weighing only a little over 5kgs, this device makes for easy carrying wherever you need around your home. Use the remote control for further comfort also.

Multi-Filtered System: The numerous filters (which are replaceable) mean you are always getting the cleanest, purified air from the machine. No bacterial risk ever.

Highly Adjustable: Adjust the concentration of oxygen from between 30%-90%, depending on how serious your breathing troubles are. The machine can expel oxygen into a room for a long release, or you can connect a tube and mask for more direct inhaling in emergencies.



Be At Ease: Get peace of mind and comfort when you are in quick access to concentrated oxygen as you have a machine at your convenience. No more panicked trips to a medical facility.

Improve Your Breathing: Getting purified and concentrated oxygen delivered directly to your airway will quickly and effectively improve your breathing.

Travel Friendly: You won’t have to go without concentrated oxygen any longer, no matter where you are. This device is compact enough for travel, so take it on the road to avoid worries while away. 

Better Sleep: With higher quality air in the room for your sleep, you’ll not only sleep better but also reap other health benefits from a better sleep.

Great For Allergy Sufferers: The machine provides clean and pure air that can be extremely beneficial for allergy sufferers during peak times of the year.

Oxygen Concentrator Store


  • Scope of application: use as household oxygenating, not use for medical treatment
  • PSA methods: PSA
  • The input power: 115W
  • Rated voltage:AC110V,220v
  • Air output:1~6L/min
  • Output pressure:<100kpa
  • Noise: about 48dB
  • Product size:  302*168*325mm
  • Net weight:  5.2kg
  • Electrical categories: II
  • Execution standard: GB4706.1-2005
  • Q/MAF 01-2014
Oxygen Concentrator Vs Oxygen Tank

What Does The Package Include: 

  • 1 X Full Set Oxygen Concentrator

Ensure you have consistent access to oxygen therapy. Add to cart now!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Oxygen Concentrator Machine 1-6L

It was a great solution for my husband’s problem with his breathing.
Very reasonably priced and did not have to wait long for delivery
Well worth it and I have recommended it to several others.



Matthew F Tom

So, California is on fire yet again...this helps a lot

Patrice Nicole

Reduces Smoke Smell

Jensen Grant

Solid purchase


Life changer for people with allergies and asthma!