Orthopedic Knee Guard Adjustable Support | Flexible Knee Pads For Sports

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Arthritis, especially in the knees can really limit how much someone can do in their lives, especially if they enjoy working out and playing sports. There’s plenty of knee braces on the market, but none that provide real orthopedic support, until now!

Power Knee Stabilizer Pads

The Flexible Knee Pad is specifically designed for those people who love sports, but hate their arthritic knees limiting their participation. It is a premium comfort knee brace made with neoprene to provide extensive orthopedic support and stability for those who especially love cycling and sports that require lots of running and impact on the knees. Made with neoprene, it’s super easy to adjust and can be hand washed too.

Toughbuilt Stabilizer Knee Pads


Bilateral Support Hinges: These strong hinges hold the knees in place for increased protection and stability. Your performance will increase drastically from this support.

Adjustable: Knee joints can swell, so this knee guard was designed to be fully adjustable. Tighten and loosen the brace as much you need!

Neoprene Material: The neoprene material used to make the knee pad means there will be no irritation, even when you perspire. It’s breathable and sweat absorbing and also easy to hand wash!

Power Knee Stabilizer Pads Review 2019


Support And Comfort: Arthritis can be very debilitating and uncomfortable. This adjustable and orthopedic support knee pad will help lower pain and speed up recovery.

Not One Size Fits All: Traditional knee braces can be ill fitting, providing bad support. This knee brace comes in sizes that provide real support only.

Comfort Focused: You can wear this knee brace all day if necessary because it easily adjustable and made with soft and comfortable inner material that won’t irritate you.

Size Chart:

(A) Thigh
13.4” – 15.7”
14.2” – 16.5”
15” – 17.3”
16.1” – 18.4”
17” – 19.3”
(B) Knee
Power Knee Stabilizer Pads For Elderly
Ridgid Pro Hinge Stabilizing Knee Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

My right leg knee is not very good. When bending, it often hurts a little and has a sound. And I feel a little cold when I am outdoors.This product is very good for my joints. It is comfortable to wear and warm. It feels comfortable when the knee is bent and greatly reduces discomfort.I should but one more for my left leg :)

Edward Hall

I love the product and I use it when I play golf.

L Dean

Nice solid support that stays put and adds a lil spring to your step.Cool looking too.

Martha Mungia

This product has helped my husband so much after his knee replacement. He has tried several compression knee braces and this is the best one so far that has helped as much.

Ran Wei

I hurt my knee the other day while working out. My knees occasionally hurt, so I decided to buy a knee support. It's totaly not cumbersome. I wear the brace to provide stability when I run. These are relatively comfortable to wear all day.This is a very good knee brace, given its design for a moderate level of support. I really like this brace. The price is low. Worth to buy!


Great product. Allows all movement but great support too