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Multifunctional Automatic Sensor Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

Multifunctional Automatic Sensor Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

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Despite the passage of nearly a year and a half, the pandemic is still with us. If you want to ensure your safety from germs, then you need great soap and a way to dispense it safely.

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You need the quality design and hands-free approach of this automatic soap and sanitizer dispenser. All you need to do is wave your hand over the sensor to be given the sanitizer of your choice directly on your hand, just like in restaurants and supermarkets. This soap dispenser is a durable and sleekly designed piece of biological safety enhancement.

Can I Use A Soap Dispenser For Hand Sanitizer

It’s extremely low consumption and requires only four AA batteries to operate, so it will last for months on just one pair of batteries. It’s an extremely hygienic and simplified way to sanitize yourself without hassle or headache, and without worrying about dirtying up your hands with traditional sanitation measures.

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Hands-Free Use: Never touch your soap dispenser again. This automatic sensor is hands-free and will pours your soap and sanitizer directly into your hands. Save yourself the risk of placing your hands on the dispenser and bask in the automatic glory.

Durable And Low-Consumption: Because this dispenser requires only four AA batteries, it will last for months at a time without need of a recharge. When it does stop working, simply replace the AA batteries and enjoy another few months of continuous operation. It’s as simple as that.

Adjustable Levels: If you feel like you need more or less soap than previous days, the product is built with an elegant solution in mind. Simply tap the “+” or “-“ button and the machine will adjust the amount of soap you receive.

How To Open Soap Dispenser


Enhanced Safety: Others can continue to dangerously touch their soap dispensers and run the risk of having germs jump onto their hands, but not you. Automatic dispensers, with sophisticated sensors, are great for staying germ-free and getting the soap you need without any of the risk.

Low Consumption: If you’re eco-conscious or need a device that will run for a long duration without a high degree of power consumption, this is the product for you. Batteries are chemically charged and will not harm the environment, and the product will last for months without a recharge.

Ease Of Access: Don’t look around all day for soap or sanitizer dispensers. You can have all of the soap you want from one machine that works easily and freely. Stop buying soap every week and put all of your sanitization material into this dispenser.

What Is Dispensation

How To Use:

  1. Twist the lid open.
  2. Pour in the soap or sanitizer of your choice.
  3. Install the four AA batteries.
  4. Press the power button and enjoy!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Great product to use during this time. Keeps you from having to touch the soap dispenser, and hopefully coming in contact with less germs!Easy to fill with soap!

Patty Aviles

Bought 3 this one and this one is definitely worth the money. Works great


I love this automatic soap dispenser...I didn't realize how much soap I was wasting when washing my hands till I got this. My kids and I love it. Very well made and does exactly what it is made to do.

Natalie B

Only had it a few days but everyone loves the ease it it. Perfect for the bathroom soap!


Best thing to invest in these days. No need to touch dispenser, specially during this pandemic.


Easy to fill, works well so far, no dripping or leaking issues. Great for keeping soap and dispenser from being covered with germs. Used with a type of shower gel, but probably any liquid soap would do as well including dish soap.