Medical Blood Pressure Monitor | Rechargeable Wrist Monitor

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For those who need to, keeping consistent track of blood pressure can be vital. But the convenience of being near a blood pressure monitor can be extremely difficult.

How To Read Blood Pressure Monitor

Get fast and accurate blood pressure readings from a wristwatch with the Medical Blood Pressure Monitor. It is a rechargeable device that tells you your blood pressure and provides voice alerts you when your levels are elevated. The rechargeable lithium battery lasts a long time and is charged by a USB cord. The wristband is comfortable and the monitor is super easy to use and review previous readings.

How To Use Blood Pressure Monitor


Large LCD Display: View not just your current blood pressure reading but also, the time, battery level and your pulse rate. It’s a comprehensive heart health tool!

Comfortable Band: The wrist monitor comes with a large, fitted elasticized band to wear around your wrist. It’s soft on the skin and comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Historical Data Feature: Keep track of your blood pressure over time by using the historical data measurement feature. This can be crucial for providing feedback with your doctor and track improvements in your levels.

What Is The Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor


Quick & Accurate Readings: Getting readings on blood pressure can be crucial for preventing an impending emergency. This device does that and stores your previous readings.

Prevent Heart Incidents: Being able to constantly refer to the blood pressure monitor will give you the necessary clues to prevent a heart related incident during the day.

Rechargeable Battery: Don’t worry about the blood pressure monitor watch dying on you from a low battery. This monitor is chargeable by a USB cord, just like a cell phone.

How To Monitor Blood Pressure

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bernalyn Diaz
Rechargeable wrist blood monitor


So compact, speaks results out loud and doesn't hurt your arm.

I purchased the blood pressure monitor because I needed a blood pressure monitor that I could use and put on my arm on my own, without any assistance. I have used the older style that comes with a large cuff and must be put on the bicep, and I always had difficulty trying to tighten the cuff on my own. With this new, small wrist cuff monitor, I can put the blood pressure monitor on myself and use it.What I like most about this monitor is the compact size. It's smaller than most cell phones, and it can fit inside of a very small bag or even a purse. Another thing I really love about this monitor is that if you're visually impaired, it will read out your blood pressure and pulse results out loud at the end of the test. The voice is very clear and concise and doesn't sound like a good idea monotonous computer either.It's also really nice to have my arm not hurt after I use this blood pressure monitor.The most important thing that I can tell you about this blood pressure monitor is that you must follow the directions completely! That is the only way you are going to obtain accurate readings.

Charlie W.
Easy to use

My wife was needing one like this and after doing some research, checking out local items and reviews, I settled on this because it was cheap and if it wasn't to her liking then I wasn't really out of much money. To our surprise, this little monitor is accurate and is very easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a blood pressure monitor.

Ginger C

The Medical Blood Pressure Monitor arrived on time packaged securely. I really appreciate the care they took assuring there was no damage in transit; and charging it to almost full. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use. The wrist application is so much easier to use than the traditional method. It really comes in handy when I checked my really muscular son's BP. He does MMA workouts and has huge biceps. We were always concerned previous readings were inaccurate. I highly recommend this unit; the ease of use makes it more likely we will test our BP regularly.

Very Nice Blood Pressure Instrument

It's very easy to use for checking my blood pressure periodically. I particularly like the verbal readout of the result.

Tim P
Definitely get one for your home.

I used this product to monitor me and my families blood pressure. Dad has high blood pressure and mom has low blood pressure. It's easy to use and I like how it records it in memory. Now a days having one of these machines can be very helpful to my families health.