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Ionic Air Purifier Necklace | Wearable Air Purifier

Ionic Air Purifier Necklace | Wearable Air Purifier

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all live the dream of breathing fresh air?

Escaping polluted air is one of the biggest concerns that we have today. If you find this appealing, then you should definitely consider investing in a Wearable Ionic Air Purifier Necklace.

It is created to remove contaminants like dust, smoke, allergens, and odors within your breathing space. Small and portable, you can use it to clean the ambient air around you in everyday life.

Are Portable Air Purifiers Effective

Today clean air is becoming more of a luxury than a bare necessity needed to survive. Pollution in large cities can take away 2-3 years off life expectancy.

We may inhale contaminated air on our way to work or while flying to our dream destination. Public transport exposes you to harmful airborne particles.

Short term risks include chest pain, shortness of breath, and coughing. Long term exposure can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular-related complications. You need to purify your breathing space today!

The primary goal of the Wearable Ionic Air Purifier Necklace is to make sure it cleans the air around you without restricting airflow. As well as ensuring its portability and physical comfort of its owner.

Equipped with negative ions that when released, it eliminates contaminants and purifies the air around you.

Battery Powered Air Purifier


  • The negative ions attract the particles that are floating in the air with a magnetic charge, binding them and making them heavy and drop to the ground.
  • Many studies have shown that negative ions generators such as Ionic Air Purifier have been proven effective at cleaning the air (Bacteria, Viruses & Dust) by 98%.
    How Ion Purifier Works


    • Novelty pendant design makes this air purifier more chic and practical.
    • Small size and you can carry it to everywhere you are going.
    • A good assistant to keep the air fresh.
    • 100 % brand new and high quality
    • Made from high-quality material for durable and long-lasting use.
    • It also can be a pendant decoration for your car or bedroom.
    Long Battery Life Ion Purifier


    • Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, the power indicator will light blue, and the product will enter the working state.
    • Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds again, the power indicator will go out, and the product will enter the shutdown state.
    • When the product is charging, the power supply will flash red. When the product is fully charged, the power indicator will be steady red.
      Does Air Purifier Help With Flu


      • Air Volume:50m³/h
      • Type: Negative Ion
      • Certification: CB
      • Anion Density:>4000000pcs/m³
      • Power:<1W
      • Working Time:24H
      • Material: ABS
      • Power (W):5w
      • Voltage (V): DC5V
      • Function: Formaldehyde Removing
      • Installation: Portable
      • Size:5.5*1.6cm


      • 1 x Air Purifier Necklace​
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        Stay safe and breathe clean air no matter where you are! Add to cart now.

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 41 reviews
          Amy Larson
          Air Purifier necklace

          Very comfortable ! Works great!

          Pretty necklace with bonus protection

          Really pretty personal air purifier necklace. I have three and this one is the most stylish. Thanks

          Helps with Hayfever

          So pleased that this actually helps reduce the affects of severe hayfever. I certainly know when I forget to put it on. Only wish it was a little smaller.

          Clean air

          This seems to be worth it, because the function is great.

          Richard Vamos

          Is great on planes where I have a problem with the recycled air.

          Stylish, personal device

          This quiet piece of wearable is very easy to operate - just press button to turn it on/off for 2 seconds, love that it refresh my air anywhere and remove harmful substances closeby. It elegantly hang on my neck just like any decorative necklace, I also noticed it was not heavy at all. I have tried it chained to my handbag and love that i can just lay it on my desk while I work. Very convenient to carry around, so stylish. Plan to buy one for my niece as well.