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2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat

2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat

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Got a desk job and chair that are literally hurting your back?

Then it’s time to upgrade that office chair that is doing nothing positive for your back and future health with the 2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat. It is remote controlled and uses a shiatsu kneading technique and heat to loosen up your back muscles and lower body whilst promoting blood flow, so you aren’t so stiff later. Simply place the cushion over your existing chair to turn it into a massaging chair you’ll instantly fall in love with. It’s a perfect gift for your office friends too!

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Deep Shiatsu Massage: Shiatsu Massage targets the tissue of the body for a deeply penetrating and restorative massage. You’ll get that each time with the 2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat on whatever chair you use.

Heat Technology: Receiving a massage with heat therapy is not only relaxing and soothing to the body but helps to restore better muscle function. The 2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat delivers this common problem areas around the back and lower body.

Various Massage Modes: Unlike other, inferior massage cushions available, the 2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat gives a fully customizable experience each time you use it. It has 10 different nodes and two large heads that target different areas of the body, plus heat therapy and a seat vibration function.

Non-Slip Base: To ensure the massage cushion stays in place, it comes with a non-slip rubber base. No more slipping and sliding on the chair!

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Feel Better: After longer periods of sedentary work with the 2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat, you’ll get up feeling better when the job is done. Say goodbye to stiffness and soreness!

Promotes Blood Flow: Much of the cause of muscle stiffness and soreness from long periods of sitting comes back to poor circulation. This massage cushion keeps your blood flowing while you sit, so you feel better overall!

More Energy: With less stiffness and soreness after the workday is complete, you’ll be more energetic and less tired. After all, the day doesn’t end when work does!

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What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • 1 x UL Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual
Back Massage Techniques

Make the 2 in 1 Shiatsu Full Back Massager Cushion Seat an integral part of your desk set-up to avoid back pain!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rayna Langdon

I've had a few areas on my back that have been bothering me for a while and I was looking for something that I could easily use at home and at work in the office. I just received it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by this when I opened the box. It's very sturdy and has an actual structure to it so I have high hopes that it's going to last a while. When I first sat in it and turned it on, I expected it to be intense and possibly a little painful (my back has always been a little sensitive) but I was not prepared for the level of instant relief I got! There were sounds coming out of my mouth that I had no control over, LOL! It was absolutely perfect and I used it just twice, about 15 minutes each time, throughout the evening and I slept SOOOO GOOOD and woke up in the morning actually rested for a change! I've brought it to work with me today and have had 2 coworkers try it out and they're going to be purchasing this as well. I'm going to order a 2nd one so I can keep one at home and one at work. I don't think I can be without it now! This has been so worth buying and I'm going to be telling everyone about it!

Damir M.
A vacation on your back

One word. BUY. This thing is incredible. I’m only on Day 1, but have been on it for about a half hour testing out my new toy. I’m very active with three kids and experience LOTS of back pain. This is my third back massager like this so I know exactly what to expect.Pros:Easy set up.Deep tissue. Goes in hard spot massage once you hit the sweet spot.You can spot massage in two different Shiatsu modes. One goes one way, the other goes opposite direction for the hard-to-find knot.Heat option actually gets warmLower back goes real low.Had no problem using while on couch.Seat cushion is very thick and comfortableTwo different pressure modes.Remote control slot in back of massager to store itCons:(1) Short people will get tailbone and scalp massage. Not ideal, but who cares at this price.(2) Can’t adjust rollers closer together for tiny people like me. Once again, for price who cares. Still a steal. My Homedics had this option but I also paid three times more what this one was worth.(3) fabric that stretches across top of massager seems very thin. Not sure how long it will hold up before stitching splits.All in all, buy this massager, you won’t regret it at this price. It’s comparable to a $300 stand-alone one easy. Will update this in six months to share how fabric held up.

Matt J.
Sit Back and Relax

Bought this as an anniversary gift for my fiancée (and of course I’m using it too)! We both work jobs that sometimes lead to back and shoulder pain, and right away this chair found knots to work out. She’s been enjoying the shiatsu massages, I’ve been enjoying the rolling massages, and we both love the spot function.I’m 5’10”, she’s 5’1” and it gets us both in all the right areas. If it’s left on default mode, the upper nodes get up to both of our heads, but the lower nodes still hit the shoulders, and we’re still comfortable. If it ever becomes a problem, it’s so easy to set the nodes to focus on stress points and move them at our own leisure.The heat function is noticeable but not overwhelming.The chair and remote are easy to understand and use.

Luke Q
Best chair

I’m 6 foot and this chair can reach from my butt all the way to my head, and with multiple rollers it covers then entire surface area of my back.It’s very quiet while it’s on so you can use it while next to someone sleeping. The heat setting gets very warm, about 105F.Remote has large buttons, it’s clear what each button does without reading the manual, so it’s a good gift for older people.It can be used in bed or couch or chair.Folds away for storage.It may massage hard for sensitive people, just put a blanket or towel over it to soften the massage.

E Kinard
Almost like having a massage chair

I was debating getting a massager from HLS for easily 6 months. From one that cost more to the one that costs a little less than this. I am soooooo glad I got this one.This massager is quite tall. That is good though because it will work on people of all heights, and since you can control if you want a full, upper, lower or spot massage it is great. I am going to try to find some way to put a little pillow on the top though because your head may rest on the top part. Also, if you are on the shorter end of the height spectrum, know that the massager goes all the way up to your neck, which may be good or bad depending on your preference.At first I wasn’t sure I needed the 2D/3D ability but I am glad I got it. I feel like the 2D is a stronger massage. The 3D alternates from side to side so it seems less intense which is neat because it basically gives you another way to control your massage.Overall, it is very comfortable, has a long cord to plug in, and a very easy to use controller which is great. If you are looking for a back massager I really don’t think you can go wrong with this one and you will feel rejuvenated after!

Sara Lucia
Wonderful Tension Relief!

Recently purchased this product to help me relax before and after my exercise routines and it has worked wonders. Before heading to the gym it has helped me loosen up to the point where it noticeably made me stronger in the gym --which I did not expect at all--.Pros:- Helps relax before bed.- Removes knots from tense areas on your back.- Area of massage reaches from lower back to the back of my head.- Heating is comfortably warm.- 3D Shiatsu kneading alternates the circles on your back to make it feel more like a person doing it.- Rolling effect feels like a gym roller.- Spot massage works well.- The amount of nodes makes a considerable difference in the massage.Cons:-Not the most comfortable to sit on initially, but as you relax it becomes more tolerable. I wouldn't sit on this for a prolonged time.