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It’s Noticeably Changing My Smile!

I’ve been wearing the soft aligner for a little over a month now. My 2 front teeth were each slightly turned inward but now they’re straight next to each other- not turned inward at all. The teeth on the sides of my 2 front teeth are now right next to them instead of there being a small gap. Now, my upper teeth slightly overlap my bottom as they’re supposed to instead of my upper teeth sitting on top of my bottom teeth. Front gap is now straight and slowly closing. The first few days were really uncomfortable but by week 2, it became routine. After another month or 2 of wearing this, I’ll switch over to the hard aligner. So far, so good!

Very accurate

Other scales, even one that was 2 times the price, I sent back as they weren’t accurate. This one is spot on!

Great Product

With only couple of weeks of use I already see that it is working. Very good product for so little price. First couple of days my teeth hurt really bad, now I barely feel the discomfort.

Great fun relaxed for at home spa time.

I love it! It’s confortable and help me for my neck.

Tennis sprain

Very effective in preventing thumb sprain when serving.

Handy and Very useful , just recently carried to overseas .Thanks

Handy and very useful, just recently carried to overseas.Thanks


Tremendously satisfied

Fabulous product

Easy order, great shipping and delivery, and awesome product.

Seems to support ok, can feel magnets heat up sore muscles. Down fall to this product is the straps curl over and cut in needs padding for shoulder straps to make comfortable

A Very Useful Kit.

I wear hearing aids which exacerbates the wax buildup in my ears.I have had to visit my GP every 3 months to have my ears syringed out.After putting Cerumol in my ears for 3 nights I used the kit and it worked very well.

Dental Aligner

I have used the teeth aligners for about a month and I feel like my teeth are moving but it takes a while to actually see the results. I purchased both the soft and the hard aligners.

Air Purifier necklace

Very comfortable ! Works great!

Yard Work and Wood Shop Wonderment

This little shield is comfortable to wear while using a power edger in the yard. When jointing or planing wood I have a clear view of the work without chips in my face.


I love the portable sanitizer. It is compact, packs easily and works great. Highly recommend

I love it.
Use it every day

Works well so far. Left teeth a little rough but polished them up afterwards. Still getting use to the different heads. Light is very useful. Useful tool to cut down on dentist expense for maintenance.

The infrared massage lamp has helped me to remove the stiffness aches and pain in my body.
Thank you!

Portable oxygen concentrator

This has been very helpful for my friend with severe chronic obstructive lung disease and heart failure. He uses it in the car and on short shopping trips.

Great, works well and the price is reasonable