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1Pair Silicone Padded Forefoot Insoles - DRAFT
Carla Burns
Not quite right

I thought these were a great idea but there were two problems: 1) they are kind of white and since I was trying to wear them with white sandals/heels, that was not a good look. 2) they were squishy on the bottom and therefore not stable to walk on. My sandals were chunky with a 2 inch heel - not dainty.

Great little device

Easy to use and provides a great personal barrier against viruses, pollen and spike proteins so prevalent in our current environment.
It is convenient to charge, has a long charge life and gives reassurance when out and about.
I love it and bought several to give to family members.

Konzer - Ankle Foot Orthosis Support

I have been wearing the support for 4 weeks now and find it very comfortable to wear and it gives great support for my drop foot.

Perfect Product

Product is awesome. May require repeated and regular use for some people based on what they are using it as a treatment for. I would recommend 100%.

Better than I expected!

I definitely noticed the swelling under my arms around my lymph nodes decrease since beginning!

Great Product

The results are amazing. I purchased the dental aligners, and they worked wonders on my teeth. My teeth still need more time to straighten fully, but I see them working. I am taking pictures day to day to check the progress.

I was hoping this would replace the need for regular toothbrushes, unfortunately, it does not reach my back teeth. Otherwise, it works beautifully as advertised.

Bunion corrector is nice and works well, my mom likes it and help her well

Works great

Very pleased with the performance of the unit, the first one I ordered was defective, but the company immediately replace it and the replacement unit works better than expected.

Training belt

Fantastic! Heavy-duty ! !Greatest!

Excellent screener,
Using for a school, the children love it
It's quick and easy.
Just wish you can order the hand sanitizer with this company for the machine.

Reliable product

I have had peroneus breviary tendinitis for a few years. So far with the LLLT therapy my tendinitis pain is gone most of the time. So far so good.

Love it

This is great. Definitely is straitening my teeth. I’m gonna give it sometime to see what happens, but I’m happy.

Wireless neck massager

So far so good seems to help

Works !

Very happy with the product. Had terrible posture from 30 years on the phone and computer.
The small fit tight at the beginning, but once I wore it a few times, the fabric stretched abit and now is perfect.
I wear it 2 hours a day and it is like the product instructions said, my back muscles are starting to stay where they should, instead of slouching forward.

TENS Neck Relaxer With Heat Therapy | Smart Neck Pain Relief Massager
Serena S
TENS Magic

I was initially a little skeptical but desperate enough to experiment. I now look forward to coming home to this little piece of TENS magic at the end of a long day sitting at the computer. Love it, thank you!

They work

I’m pleased with the positive movement toward closing my gap and straightening my teeth. I’m 2 months in and can see the difference,… grateful!

Massage Lamp For Arthritis Full Body Pain Relief

So far like the light. Like the company even more

Active - Rechargeable Mesh Nebulizer | Silent Inhalation For Better Breathing

Good Product

To be honest I haven’t had a chance to use all the attachments but so far so good

1Pair Silicone Padded Forefoot Insoles - DRAFT
Ellen Lam

Over a month still have not received

The touch free thermometer stands meet our needs very well.