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. Adjustable oxygen machine.

Excellent! Oxygen machine works right out of the box. Reliable. Very good company to deal with.😃

Laser light helps

Skin on back of hand better a bit than the othet

Works great

So far so good … straightens my hair nicely & easy to handle

I’m happy with my purchase

It was easy to take on a trip and use elsewhere than home. Now I can travel to see family.

Posture corrector

Seems to work pretty well. It’s not uncomfortable to wear. Wore it for several hours the first time and no problems at all.

Help to side sleep

worked better than expected from the first night, made side sleeping easier and, according to my wife, drastically reduced my snoring.

Oxygen concentrator

The oxygen concentrator is awesome! Works well, reasonably quiet.❤️❤️


Makes walking so comfortable

Pen skin tag remover

The pen is very easy to use and it works. Within a few days the skin tags are gone!.

Really does help

I have one tooth that seems to be moving and I was not going to get braces for that so this was very helpful

Very happy with my CPAP cleaner. Important to follow directions. I thought my was broken but once I read/followed the directions, all was well.

I really liked and help me to sleep better

Is a simple solution for make a life better and peaceful. I will recommend 100%

Gets the job done

Love it and can’t wait to try out the harder ones . Time will tell but I do see and feel a little movement.

Works well on skin tags n a lot cheaper than a dermatologist!

I have had great results from the pen. I would recommend it.


The hip stabilizer was easy to put on and very helpful with my hip.

It's what I needed and wanted well so far


They are great i love the fact that i can adjust the volume level just by touching them . And they are always charged you never have to worry about being out some where and your batteries go dead.I have to other sets of hearing aids one is the one that goes over your ear to bulky, the other one is what tey call invisible well that you have to carry around with a very tiny flat head screw driver that comes with them just to adjust the volume. That is why when i seen yours i ordered them like i said earlier they are always charged and i can adjust the volume as i need to . Thanks a million for being there for us , have a great day.

Speedy arrival

Great help for upper back and neck

This product is easy to use, comfortable and very helpful. I wish I would have had it years ago!

Rich left Achilles’ tendon

Works well does not get rid of the problem I still have to bath it in epson salt and ice water


I have sleep apnoea and was advised that I should buy a Night Shift sleep positioner (around $450).
I was so glad to discover your Sleep Position Trainer which does the job perfectly!

Great side sleeper training tool

I find this very effective in helping to train to not sleep on your back but your side. The only downfall is that it goes through batteries very quickly. That’s the only reason for not giving g it 5 stars


I’m very pleased with the dental aligner. I started with the soft one and now using the hard one. My teeth are aligning little by little.
Thank you.

Absolutely amazing! I had a large cyst on my face that would not go away despite every kind of acne product and many home remedies. After the first use it broke everything up inside the cyst and brought most of it to a head. The second use brought it all to the surface. The cyst broke and is now flat instead of a big hard lump and healing. After only 4 uses it is almost gone. I swear by this for acne, to soon to tell about wrinkles. I wish I would have had this years ago because I have had cystic acne from my teenage years and have scars from having some of them cut out. I plan to use this at least 4 times a week to keep the acne at bay and hopefully deminish my wrinkles and laugh lines. I am extremely happy with this machine and the price is unbelievable!