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Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band

Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band

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Gain a full-body home workout with the Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band. Use this resistance band to stretch and strengthen your legs, glutes, inner thighs, and butt easily from the comfort of your own home. Increase your strength, power, and flexibility anywhere at any time. Durable and stretchy, the Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band is ideal for squats, lunges, and different types of stretches for both beginners and experts.

How To Use Resistance Bands

The Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band can be used as an alternative or supplement to yoga, pilates, or stretching exercises, as well as helping with physical therapy, rehabilitation, weight loss, and bodybuilding. Extremely lightweight, it can be packed away into a pouch so that you can take it anywhere to fit your fitness needs whether it is at home, in the office, gym, beach, or the outdoors.

Do Resistance Bands Work


Anti-Slip Material: The Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band uses an anti-slip material so you never have to worry about slipping or rolling when working out.

3 Resistance Levels: One set of Corelux bands comes with 3 colors with different tensile strengths, light, medium, and heavy. They can be used to exercise all parts of muscles such as arms, legs, glutes, shoulder, back, and abdomen. The 3 levels workout resistance bands can be applied according to your workout level making it suitable for novices and experts alike.

Strength And Muscle Building: The bands help to build your butt, glutes, back, and legs, thus strengthening your abs and thighs. This helps you enhance your workout and achieve your desired body figure goals.

High Quality Materials: Made with elastic latex wire mesh, the Corelux Band ensures that they are durable and versatile with the premise of proper use and protection. The Band is also wrapped in satin cotton for comfort, sweat absorption, and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Compatible For Variety Of Exercises: Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Bands can fit a variety of exercises including yoga, pilates, hot yoga, cardio, and strength training workouts. Perfect in helping with weight loss, muscle endurance, and strength goals.

How Effective Are Resistance Band Workouts

Benefits of the Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band:

The Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band provides a home-workout routine to help you stretch and strengthen your leg muscles. With a variety of exercises that you can use it for, this resistance band is easily portable and can be used anywhere you take it.

Can You Build Muscle With Resistance Bands


  • Latex Wire Mesh + Satin Cotton
  • Odor Free
  • Skin-Friendly
  • Long-lasting Durability
  • Lightweight and Portable
Are Resistance Bands Effective

What Does The Package Include?

  • 3 x Squat Loop Resistance Band
  • 1 x Mesh Bag
  • 1 x User Manual
Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle

Strengthen your legs, glutes, inner thighs, and butt by adding to cart today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Cool booty exercise bands

I have been doing more AB exercise since the outbreak of pandemic in order not to gian more weight while working at home. I tried the corelux band last night and it really helped. I like all these three bands color. The seller even put a small gift in the package. How nice!

Michelle B
Finally found some solid bands

I have been doing home workouts for a long time, and purchased a set of resistance bands directly from the company that produces the videos I watch. I figured since they produce the workout programs, the products must be the best, but once I started using the bands I could not understand how they keep them still in the videos. They were constantly slipping, twisting up, and digging into my thighs. When I searched for new ones, I did not expect there to be any that were much different than the ones I had, but I saw these and thought I would give them a try since they have a different material covering. So far, I have been very pleased. These are SOLID. I think they actually provide more resistance than my other bands, which is good and I hope they don't stretch out over time. They are very thick and grippy and so far I have not had issues with slipping. Oh, and I also like that they are labeled with their level of resistance. My others were color coded but I could never remember which was the light, medium, or heavy. So, time will tell if they retain their grippiness and stability, but so far they are 100% better than what I had so I am glad I tried them.

Perfect For Quarantine Exercise

The first thing I noticed when taking it out of the package was that it comes with a mesh carrying bag. This is perfect if you actually leave the house anymore. You could easily bring these bands with you to a park or gym, and if they get sweaty, the mesh holes will allow them to air out properly.The next thing I noticed was that not only is each band color coded, but it also has a label as to what is what. Before this, I had been using a black and a dark blue band that I had gotten from physical therapy a few years ago. If you know anything about those, you’d know that the black band is the hardest. I had been using that for my legs, but can only use the Medium in these. That means there’s room for improvement, and I can continue to challenge myself.So, how do these stack up when compared to my physical therapy bands? Those would bunch up or try to roll down. These amazing bands actually stay in place and don’t bunch. That means you can keep exercising without pain or having to adjust. They start out at a good size for anyone. I have really thick thighs, and they still work for me.To sum it all up, if you’re looking for something to help take your workouts to the next level, just buy these already. You won’t regret it.

Jennifer McGee
Neat band

Pretty nifty item. I didn't know that this item was a thing. No longer will the bands slip or get wrapped around. This item solved that issue. It's nice and thick as well. As you can see there are rubber grip pads. The thicker, the more resistance that band has. I would recommend if you are in need of a band that does not fold in itself.

Really consistent stretch.

We really like these bands. The resistance seems to be consistent throughout the stretch. The anti-slip material works great without too much grip. The range of resistance is good and you can actually double up the bands to increase resistance. Would recommend for anyone looking for a good set of bands.

Tricia T
Bright Colors + No Slip = recommend!

I love that these bands come with 3 different resistance levels! It gives you a varied workout or allows you to adjust to how your body feels and what it can handle. The colors of the bands are bright and fun, which definitely made me more eager to use them. They are extremely durable and have NO slip! I wore various yoga pants with these bands and had no issues with the bands staying in place. I recommend this product!