Stop Snoring Adjustable Chin Strap | Comfortable Sleep Apnea Support

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Snoring can be detrimental to not only your health, but your partner’s too.

How To Stop Snoring

Is it time to end your disruptive snoring once and for all? Do you want to avoid potentially harmful drugs or large, cumbersome machines? Then the Stop Snoring Adjustable Chin Strap is the solution for you. This comfortable and simple device is revolutionary in that it stops snoring, without making the wearer uncomfortable. Simply adjust it to your desired comfort level, lay back and fall asleep. You’ll sleep soundly, and so will your partner!

How To Stop Snoring Immediately


Breathable Material: The chinstrap is made with a comfortable and breathable mesh material. It won’t make you hot during sleep, nor will it itch.

Adjustable: The self-adhesive fasteners made from light Velcro allows the wearer to easily adjust the chin strap to their liking. It is made with your comfort in mind!

Ergonomic Design: Your chin rests comfortably in an upright position, in a curved area at the top of the chin strap. This ergonomic feature keeps you comfortable all night long.

How To Stop Someone From Snoring


Sleep Better: Snoring leaves your throat dry and can lead to a number of other health problems if left unchecked. Get proper, restful sleep from now on with this chin strap.

Better Partner Sleep: Your snoring not only hurts your sleep quality, but your partner’s too. They’ll sleep much better now without your annoying snoring!

Lightweight & Portable: Unlike a heavy CPAP machine, this anti-snoring device is easily portable. Just throw it in with your luggage!

How To Stop Snoring While Sleeping

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
D. Kuehn
Helps to keep mouth shut for CPAP

Excellent product, works great

Victor L.
Keeps my mouth shut at night

I use a CPAP machine and have a nasal mask that only goes over my nose. I like the mask a lot but was having my mouth fall open a lot when I'd sleep, it'd make me wake up multiple times a night withdry sinuses and a dry mouth. I got recommended this product by another CPAP user and it works! I no longer open my mouth, I no longer wake up multiple times a night very thirsty with a dry mouth and it fits me well without feeling too tight and causing a headache. I wish I found this product sooner!

Larry Siegel
Needed to keep my big mouth shut

My CPAP scores are in the high 90s now that I started using this and the howling noise coming from the cave of my drooling mouth is gone... I'm not as bad as all that but its a great head band and works well for a 6'2" meat head like me.

Ronda Klossner
Better than other ones I've tried

I love this strap better than other ones I've used prior. My healthcare group that supplies my CPAP supplies only uses a few different ones and they are no longer adequate. I will buy this as needed from now on.

Linda A.

This piece does what it's supposed to.. Keeps my mouth closed for my CPAP machine, but not so tight as I can't move or talk with it on. I love it.. Works like a charm & it's very comfortable..You can adjust it at the top & behind your head.

Chris Shore
Helps with mouth opening during sleep

If we had a thief break in our house, I'm sure he'd run! Both of us have cpaps and me with this strap over my chin... we're made for one another, and sleep better with our gadgets.