How To Improve Balance

Tips and Techniques for Improving Your Balance

Improving your balance will improve your life in many ways. Many don’t know the importance of great balance but working on balance can actually improve strength in your core, improve your flexibility, and improve your mobility.

Balance keeps the body in check and functioning properly, in multiple areas, such as your gut and core. Many don’t think they can actively improve their balance, but this is untrue. There are many ways to improve your balance; here are just a few of them.

Small Steps

In addition to active exercises and tools, there are some small steps you can take every day to improve your balance. For instance, you can adjust your stance so that your feet are further apart; keep your stance changing during other strength exercises to improve your balance. You can also do yoga.

There are dozens of great positions you can take when performing yoga which will improve your balance help you maintain a consistent body type and tone. Finally, you can engage different and numerous muscles which will keep you on balance and working toward your goal. These muscles, known as stabilizer muscles, are found in places such as your back and core.

Exercises To Improve Balance

Use a Bongo Board

There are many tools you can use to improve your balance. One of these is known as the “bongo board.” This board is specially designed for those who wish to improve their balance and coordination within their mind. This tool looks like a skateboard but is made with a wheel underneath which allows for repositioning and unstable movement.

You place your feet on the board and rotate around, keeping your balance and strengthening your core muscles as you move. Most of these boards also come with an instructional pamphlet, telling you exactly how to use the board so that each muscle group is strengthened and conditioned to maximum capacity.

Exercise Balls

In addition to the bongo ball, exercise balls are great for helping your balance and teaching you new techniques and conditioning concepts. You can also use a “stability ball” for more versatility and flexibility during your exercises.

These tools strengthen muscles in your core such as your abs, back, and pelvic floor while conditioning and strengthening your core stabilizers within your body. In addition to improving your balance and strengthening while using the balls, you can also stretch out and improve your flexibility as well. There are several different exercises you can do with these balls, many of which can be found online in guides and tutorials.

Wobble Boards

Much loke a bongo board, the wobble board is used almost exclusively to help improve balance and help athletes and average folks focus and maintain a sense of balance, both in their minds and their bodies.

The wobble board is currently one of the most popular items to buy in terms of exercise and self-improvement because of its simplicity and results. The board is circular and carries a sphere underneath which can adjust to both the angles you choose to exercise with and your skill level with the board. You can sit on the board and improve your balance this way, or stand and use it while trying to balance with one or both feet.

Improve Balance

One-Legged Stands

There are many tools to help your balance, but there are also exercises you can partake in without the use of tools or exercise equipment. One of the simplest exercises you can do to improve balance easily and efficiently are one-legged stands.

Simply hold yourself steady and lift up one leg for about ten seconds. Repeat this process ten to fifteen times before switching to the other leg. Your balance will steadily improve, and your legs won’t feel so weak as you use this exercise down the road. You can also shift your weight onto one leg, then the other, in order to strengthen both and improve your balance in a simple and fun way.

Single-Leg Dead Lifts

This exercise will seem difficult at first, but the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it and the easier it will become as you continue to practice. Start by balancing on your left foot, then engage your abs and bend forward while reaching toward the ground with your right hand.

You can also implement a five- or ten-pound weight while raising your right leg behind you to counterbalance. Tighten your butt as you return to the position you started in while also keeping you knee relaxed and your back flat throughout the exercise. The technique can be tricky but as you improve, the exercise will be easier and smoother.

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