How To Get Pretty Feet

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Fabulous Feet

From funky feet to fabulous from the warmth of your home. Are you ready to spoil your feet and make them look fantastic? Stop worrying about hiding this summer and get ready to show off your beautiful feet. As times can be busy, here are some ways you can revive your feet without even leaving your home!

Removing Corns and Calluses

First, start by relaxing and set up a warm soak for your feet. Add some bath salts or Epsom salt to your warm water. Soak for about 5 to 15 minutes to allow your skin to soften. This will make removing callus and cutting your toenails very easy.

After removing your feet from the water, dry them and grab your nail file. Gently file away at any corn or calluses until the skin feels smoother. If you have larger corns and calluses that cannot be filed away don’t worry. Try not to use callus Shafter or cutting them to avoid infection and bleeding. It's recommended to visit your local podiatrist to get them professionally trimmed.

Foot Callus Remover


The next important step to getting rid of all your dead skin on your feet is exfoliating. Simply just massage your feet with any foot scrub product. If you want to make an easy DIY foot scrub with household items just follow these steps: Dilute two tablespoons of sea salt with equal amounts of baby oil and lemon juice.

If desired, add any other type of oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, or any essential oils. While scrubbing it’s best to try to avoid any open wounds.


Taking care of your toenails is essential when it comes to pretty feet. Here are some quick tips for improving your toenails!

  • Remove any leftover, chipped nail polish.
  • Cut your toenails all at the same length leaving some white on the tips.
  • File down any ridges and buff the surface of your nail to make it look neater.
  • To get that healthy shine on your nail rub some lemon juice on the surface with a cotton swab to remove any excess dead skin.
  • If you have yellow discoloration due to frequent nail polish use try making a mixture of baking soda and diluting it with some water to create a scrub. To prevent discolored nails use a base coat before applying your nail polish to protect your nails.
Callus On Foot


Keeping your feet moisturized is key to preventing callus and cracks from forming. Using a thicker type of lotion or cream such as lip balm and heal cream will stop dry skin. This will get your feet glowing!

Extra Foot Care Tips

  • Limit cutting your skin around your toes and your cuticles. This skin protects the nail and cutting it can cause a major infection.
  • To stop discoloration on the toenail take breaks from applying nail polish. Allow your nails to return to normal and then paint away!
  • Acetone is in most nail polish removers and can cause a chalky appearance and dried-out nails. Try buying an acetone-free nail polish remover.
  • Use your favorite lotions and creams once in a while to keep your feet moisturized and looking flawless.
  • If you tend to have sweaty feet go to your local drug store and get a foot powder or spray to help stop the sweat.
  • When you get home after a long day and feel your feet have been sweaty go rinse them quickly with some cool water. This limits the sweat and prevents the athlete’s foot from occurring.
  • If you have any infection or rash visit your podiatrist or seek medical attention.

Now, you no longer have to stress about going to a salon and paying expensive prices to have pretty feet. With these simple steps of removing calluses, exfoliating, nail care, and moisturizing you can make your feet look like a million bucks. Go be confident and show off the feet you’ve always dreamed of having!

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