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How Can You Make Your Pregnancy Journey Easier on You and Your Baby?

Pregnancy is a special time in any couple's life. It's not a surprise that both the expecting mother and father, and the people around them, are preoccupied with the sensitivities that come with the months leading up to childbirth.

Of course, while childbirth and parenting embody huge responsibilities the lot of us experience at some point, it's definitely not something that should only be filled with pain and discomfort. Expecting a child and even postpartum care should not scare you– especially if you're a first time parent. Believe it or not, these seemingly difficult spans of time can be made simpler and easier with the proper amount of care and – plus a little know-how.

Here are a couple of pregnancy care tips that could help make your journey a bit easier.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are a godsend in terms of pregnancy care, which is why it’s the first on this list. They not only help keep your body healthy and well during the whole cycle of pregnancy, they also help with your baby’s development, pumping them with the needed vitamins they’ll need for growth even before birth.

Think of these vitamins as a sort of boost for both you and your baby, immunity-wise and development-wise. After all, nobody wants to spend their pregnancy vulnerable to the many strange sensations and illnesses that might come along.

Take those prenatal vitamins as soon as you find out you are pregnant– it will make a lot of difference as time goes by.

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Switch Up Diet

It’s like the saying, “you are what you eat”, only this time, both you and your baby are what you eat. It’s a huge responsibility to have another life growing within you, so while it’s tempting to go about the same old routines and cravings when it comes to food, it’s going to be a detriment about three to four months into your pregnancy– you definitely don’t want to be plagued with unnecessary fatigue or illness later down the line.

Take note, you are now supporting two bodies– yours, and your developing baby’s. You should definitely be eating more than you usually are.

Here are a couple of diet-related decisions that are best for you and your baby.
Drink more water for better circulation for both you and your baby.
Eat more fish for Omega 3, amazing for brain development.
Eat more folate-rich foods, like beans, nuts, and dark leafy vegetables, to help aid the development of your baby’s spine and neural connections.
Eat more fruits for extra energy!

Morning sickness will also definitely be something you’re going to experience, but if you want to reduce its frequency, or maybe even eliminate it altogether, try eating small but frequent meals instead of living on huge courses.

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Get Enough Sleep

We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about parenting and not getting enough sleep. In fact, some of those stories begin during pregnancy.

Making sure that your comfort levels are at their height during this special period is imperative as it affects both you and your baby’s overall health. Getting eight hours of sleep is important, and naps in between the day are highly welcome!

Of course, getting eight hours of sleep might not be enough– it should definitely be good quality sleep to hit peak comfort. Cramps are definitely going to be a thing, so your relaxation time should address all of these pain points the right way!

There are a lot of good pregnancy pillows (which are made to wrap around you, by the way!) in the market that you can try, which many soon-to-be moms have sworn by.

Memory pillows are also highly recommended for pregnant mommies, as they’ve been proven to help relax muscles and relieve their users of various body pains.

Pregnancy Pillow

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Loosen up those pants and maybe even get your pregnancy dresses on! Some body pains pregnant women feel are due to the discomfort from their clothes. Don’t worry, it’s natural to gain weight during pregnancy! Embrace your new body and transition from fitted to free-flowing.

Not all tight things are bad, however. Some belts are invented to actually help with pelvic and back pain for pregnant mommies. In fact, some are even useful for postpartum recovery. These belts help distribute your weight so that your back and pelvis aren’t strained from all the newly gained downward pressure.


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Avoid Toxins

It goes without saying– you’re supposed to avoid any unnecessary drugs, alcohol, and, well, junk. Oh, and no eating raw meat! And definitely no smoking!

All these toxins can take a toll on you and your baby’s health later down the line, and that is the farthest thing from comfortable!

Consult Your Doctor

Of course, the best way to accurately keep track of your wellbeing is to be in touch with your doctor every step of the way. Your doctor is your fountain of knowledge and guidance during this trying time, so if there’s any sort of abnormal discomfort you’re feeling, or if there’s a specific type of need you want fulfilled, consulting your doctor first thing is always the best way to go.

If time won’t allow those doctor’s visits, however, keeping track of your baby’s heartbeat is now possible with portable heartbeat monitors specifically made for pregnant women. This helps you keep track of your baby’s vital signs even without the aid of a doctor.

Prenatal Heartbeat Monitor

Shop for Goods that Aid with Pregnancy Care

Your pregnancy isn’t supposed to cause you discomfort and pain all the way through. There are a lot of new and innovative ways to alleviate any unnecessary discomfort while you’re preparing for your upcoming blessings.

Take a peek into our pregnancy collection and see which solutions can make your entire pregnancy feel like a vacation.

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