Easy Home Exercises

Easy Home Exercises to Try if You are Still Avoiding the Gym

We at Healthy Livin’ Solutions know that not everyone wants to hit the gym to sweat it out, especially after the holidays. It’s jam-packed with people trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions of being healthier and working out more. Trying to find a machine to use is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Not to mention how expensive gym memberships can be and how hard it can be to cancel if you decide not to go anymore. And even worse: cancellation fees!

But let’s face it: the holidays are the best time of the year, but not when it comes to staying fit and sticking to a healthy diet. With all the baked goodies and time-consuming family visits, it’s difficult to avoid putting on weight during the holidays. If you are struggling with losing that Xmas weight, or you just feel unfit after December, and you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, here are some easy, at-home exercises you can start today to get back into shape for the New Year!

Ab Roller

Ab/Core Exercises

Ab Rolling - Ab rolling has become more popular in recent years. It’s a simple, but effective workout to engage your core and build ab muscles fast. Just use an ab roller wheel (we recommend our Fitness Ab Roller Wheel) and hold the sides in a push-up position. Roll the wheel back and forth, aiming for 20 times. As you get used to the rhythm, you can aim for more sets, and achieve your dream abs in no time!

Double Ab Rolling - You can also use our Core & Abdominal Double Ab Roller to engage more of your arm strength in your ab rolling. Simply set the black kneepad under your knees and bend over while grabbing both rollers. Perform the same action as stated previously with the ab roller, rolling back and forth against the resistance of the bands.

Abs Exercise

Upper Body Exercises

Squat Arm Extensions - Using our FlexReal Resistance Band, hold both handles and squat down, then stand up and raise both arms while holding the band. This is technically a full-body workout, but it engages strength in your arms and legs, so you can tone up both at the same time!

Resistance Bands

Triceps Strength Training - Our Adjustable Triceps Resistance Band is perfect for exercising your upper body. You can set up the band so that you pull it toward yourself for 20 reps or at your sides while you pull it into the center of your body for 20 reps. Those big arm muscles you’ve been dreaming about will be yours!

Triceps Muscles

Pilates - Pilates can be great for those seeking a low-impact workout, while still being able to tone their upper and lower body. Our Pilates Fitness Bar with Resistance Band is perfect for those that want to tone their arms and chest. While holding the handles with your feet and placing the bar on the back of your shoulders, slowly squat down and back up for 20 sets. Your flabby arms will be long gone!


Lower Body Workouts

Stepper Machine - A stepper machine is a great way for those who want to tone up their lower body to use most of their lower body muscles. We have a great one called the Portable Quiet Hydraulic Home Fitness Stepper Machine, where you can work out both your legs and arms! If you want model legs, this is the workout for you!

Stepper Machine

Workouts for Hips - Great exercises for your hips include donkey kicks and lunges and can be done with our Corelux Elastic Loop Resistance Band. Using our band, perform your lunges or donkey kicks in sets of 10-20 to get rid of stubborn love handles for good!

Thigh Workouts

Workouts for Glutes - We can’t talk about lower body exercises without mentioning the glutes! The exercises mentioned above are also great for your glutes, but if you want some extra help with firming loose skin while also relieving muscle soreness, our Brazilian Butt Lift Machine is perfect for that! Using EMS biological microwave impulses, this device stimulates hip muscle movement, for easy and effective backside muscle building!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Muscles!

Once you’re done taking your body to new levels and burning off that Xmas weight, make sure to take care of your muscles so you don’t get cramps or joint pains. Massaging your muscles does wonders for relieving pain, and our Percussion Massager Device offers deep physiotherapy massages to get your body back in the groove!

Massage Gun

Final Remarks

Now that we’ve shown you some at-home workouts, you can skip the gym membership and get that dream fitness body in the comfort of your own home instead!

It’s time for you to finally enjoy healthy living!

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